Alter Saber Alter Maid 1/6 and Chibi! Figure Review

So this figure, or rather two figures, had appeared on my blog a couple of times already, so we’ll mention them a tad before we delve into my review of them.

The first appearance was back in the Figure Friday post covering September 18th to the 24th (2009). It shared the first pick of the week award with another figure. Then, it made another appearance, on Figure Monthly of that same month, under the title of “Figure I am Most Likely to Buy”, and at this stage, everything was just me trying to stave off the expenditure of money, fighting against the inevitable.
It wasn’t very surprising that in the overview of November, in the Media Consumption and Purchases post, I had let it be known that I had sent forth the money in order to purchase this figure. In the end I picked this figure over Saber Lily Distant Avalon.

This figure is a Hobby Channel exclusive, so I had to use a deputy service in order to acquire it. I have went with the figure-oriented Joseph Tsai of Tokyo Hunter. The figure was 8,000 yen cover-price, and going through a deputy service had not surprisingly made the costs higher. The figure was very well packed, and communication with Joseph was rapid, easy, and accomodating, so I am not at all sorry about having used him. Thumbs up to Tokyo Hunter’s services, so long you’re ok with the prices.
Figure produced by Alter.

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MegaHouse Shizuka from Queen’s Blade Review.

This review IS Safe for Work, it has the posterior of a figure, but otherwise, it IS safe for work.

Shizuka is a character from Queen’s Blade, a series quite heavy on fan-service. She is actually made by Alpha x Omega, a team-up between MegaHouse and Alter. She is somewhat cast-offable, but is done in relatively good taste, and she has a hand one can manipulate.


Click the “More” tag for the rest of the review! (You will get to see her wearing only G-string from behind, so consider, it is just a figure after all)

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Banpresto Neliel tu Oderschvanck Figure Review

Neliel is a character from the anime Bleach, Banpresto released an arcade figure of her, relatively cheap ($15-25), and this will be my review. There will be a LOAD more photos for you to view on the Flickr set page.

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Haruhi-Chan 3 Limited Edition: Otaku Yuki Nagato Petit Nendoroid Review.

I’ve ordered the third volume of “The Melancholy of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya”, the parody/comedic version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The limited edition came with a short “The History of Itsuki Koizumi“, and what interests us, a petit nendoroid of Yuki Nagato as an otaku. This is especially interesting to me, as while I don’t speak Japanese, I certainly can’t read it!

BTW, I also got a copy of Tony Taka‘s “Shining World” artbook, so that’s what Yuki is standing on sometimes :)

Yuki, accoutered in her otaku regalia

Yuki, accoutered in her otaku regalia

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Nendoroid Review: Yoko Littner/Rittona

This will be a review, of sorts, of my first anime/manga figure that is not a trading figure (Ganshapon). This will also be my first Nendoroid figure review, naturally. Yoko Littner(or “Rittona”) from Gurren Lagann, which I covered here last post.

Yokos box

Yoko's box

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