MegaHouse Shizuka from Queen’s Blade Review.

This review IS Safe for Work, it has the posterior of a figure, but otherwise, it IS safe for work.

Shizuka is a character from Queen’s Blade, a series quite heavy on fan-service. She is actually made by Alpha x Omega, a team-up between MegaHouse and Alter. She is somewhat cast-offable, but is done in relatively good taste, and she has a hand one can manipulate.


Click the “More” tag for the rest of the review! (You will get to see her wearing only G-string from behind, so consider, it is just a figure after all)

The figure came from an eBay seller from Japan, the same one I got Nelliel from, actually, and she came pretty well packed. Carton box, newspaper wrapping, and then bubble-wrappings.


Front and back of the box, the flash obscures the authenticity sticker, but it’s there.


The inside of the box, not a lot to write home about, really. Figure, big drab base, knife and scabbard.


In case you’re wondering how I’ve managed to keep this figure review Safe for Work (SFW), while still reviewing a Queen’s Blade figure and keeping everyone happy, well, I’m going to link to the objectionable photos, so those who want to check them, could, and those who surf at work or whatever, could choose not to.

If you’re curious about my “light-setup”, I once again used my sister’s room due to the natural-light options it has in it (my room is not set optimally for using natural light in photos, indoors), and added two emergency-time LED lights

You need to remove Shizuka’s head in order to remove her outfit. There’s a small clasp behind the clothes wrap onto, which later holds the scabbard, and you can’t take her thong off, which didn’t bother me in the slightest. At least we don’t get anatomically incorrect figures like Griffon’s Ymir. Her clothes also have slight pins to hold her clothes closed when you put them on, and they fit quite well. Very well, so you might need a bit of an effort to get them right, as they’re quite form-fitting.

Her hair’s hues are pretty nice, and the tips are quite pointed and sharp. The other photo is her background from within her box, maybe I should’ve taken the photos with that?



This is how the figure looks with everything that can be removed, removed. Yes, she still has armour on her arm, but that’s the arm you can manipulate. Also, the g-string is non-removeable. And since this is a not-entirely naked figure from the rear, I think you can watch it, right?
Well, I ended up putting it after the naughty-links, to give you some more room to turn back now.

Now it’s time to link to the naughty pictures. How naughty? You get to see her sculpted and painted “eyes”.

  1. Out of the box, all the parts, removed from one another. 
  2. From the front.
  3. From the left.
  4. From the right.
  5. From above.

I really like her shoulder-blade, BTW.

If you are wondering what the background I’m using is, it’s a sort of binder or container for magazines and papers. The narrow side is yellow, but it’s too narrow for proper use. I tried looking for something a bit more interesting to use than a wall, and this was it. It is a bit strong, but the orange-red clashes with her more blue tones nicely. And because it angles, you sometimes get a glimpse of blue, but I cropped most of it away.

The following picture didn’t get enough light (as opposed to the glaring flash in other photos, I’m sorry I didn’t think of taking the shots at more of an angle), but it still shows what I want to show: How nicely this figure’s hands are, and that her nails are painted, quite nicely.

Here you can see the clasp to which you hold her clothes from behind, mentioned above. Also, you can see the hues of her hair shaded slightly better, and that the paint-job is not perfect, such as the silver lines in her hair-band not being perfectly on point. But it’s quite minor, really.

The hair seam-line which I detest also exists in this figure, but is much much lighter than is usually the case. You can also see the oni-girl’s horns, which I love, really. The sort of free-hand markings on her shoulder-armour are also quite nice.

The point on her back where her clothes attach bothered me in the beginning, and then I realized that that’s where the scabbard goes, concealing it, and looking quite well. So what I accepted as an “accepted loss” in the beginning wasn’t :)

Here’s an example of how her hand can move, it can move up and down, and to the sides, and you can also rotate her hand, holding the knife. You can also notice how her scabbard is actually the wrong side for her to pull her knife out. Also, I’m not too fond of the seam-line down her skirt.

Her knees are points of joy. I enjoyed placing my thumbs on the area, it’s so interesting to the senses (I’d say “Sensual”, but people have the wrong connotation for it these days), and they also look well.
Her base is big, purple, and quite ugly. It takes a lot of real estate on my shelf, where it has to compete with books. It’s also quite reflective, and somewhat transparent.

The light wasn’t as well for this shot, so I had to manually lighten it up a bit. The required semi panty-shot?

The last real shot of the review, which shows why this is such a lovely figure: Yes, she’s well-endowed, but it doesn’t appear ridiculous or exploitative. Her outfit moves between bland and dark to the lighter hues of her hair and the livelier orange-red of her ribbon. Her stance and expression are quite nice as well. Overall, a very nice figure.

I’m of two minds on the strap of her g-string showing at the side, but it’s not surprising it’s there, considering her legs reach way higher than they should, and where on a real person such an outfit would only reveal mid-thigh, it reaches way higher here. Well, thigh-lovers, that’s for you, I guess.

Painting: Not the most exciting paint-job in the world, but there are nice hues, contrasts, and only minor blemishes. 4/5.
Sculpt: There’s very little to find fault with here. The scabbard faces the wrong way, her outfit is very form-fitting, which can be a bit annoying but is also a bonus in many parts, seam-lines are mostly minor, the scabbard placement to cover that area is brilliant, and it has a moveable arm! Her knees are interesting. 4.2/5.
Pose: A bit bland, the somewhat backwards-leaning, legs pointing inward pose. At least her arm on her thigh is placed nicely, and she has one arm you can control. 3.3/5.
Overall: I’d give this figure a very solid 4.2/5; for those wondering, this score is not an average as it also takes into account how happy I am with this figure, which is probably 4.5/5. My favourite non Nendoroid Yoko figure, which I own, at the time :D

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16 comments on “MegaHouse Shizuka from Queen’s Blade Review.

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I like her quite a bit! I’m not into collecting Queen’s Blade myself but I really admire the reviews of their figures. She is just the right amount of sexy.

    • Guy says:

      Especially the MegaHouse one. And this one is. She’s mature, she doesn’t feel whorish, a nice medium point between “Too much” and “nothing”, and much better than “Sexy, but crappy looking”, or half-assed.

      This is a nice figure, a really nice one. After also owning one Griffon’s QB figure (Ymir), I think I’d stick to MegaHouse if I decide to get any more.

  2. Leonia says:

    This figure is really gréât. The réalisation is nice but she is too many sexy for me. I prefer Yumil, Nanael and Alleyne ^^ thanks for this sharing

  3. Itai Raccah says:

    That’s a real sweet figure.

    Her clothes seem rather good to me compared to others I have seen.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    So you like feeling up you figure’s knees? Otaku have the weirdest fetishes…

    • Guy says:

      Nah, I just thought the shading and sculpting there looked interesting, so I placed my thumb and moved it around there. Can’t say I ever did it with another figure.

      Not sure how “correct” it is, because real knees are larger, so it’s hard to compare the bumps and dips. But it’s so nice, her knee-grooves are :D

  5. Snark says:

    Shizuka’s probably one of my favourite QB characters. I’ll probably give the MegaHouse model a miss, simply because I’m not big on non-poseables, but if revoltech ever do her, I’d snap it up immediately.

    • Guy says:

      She got a poseable arm…?

      I’m less for poseable, because usually they are of lower quality. Robots are better for that, IMO. Then again, I don’t do strips with them.

    • Guy says:

      Also, the pucchi nendoroid of her I’d seen, of Shizuka’s? I really liked that. Nothing like big oni horns on a big deformed head :D

  6. Kanon says:

    Thanks for the review! Shizuka is a beauty indeed. Her eyes(the ones on her face) are pretty and well-done! Shizuka is a great character as well ^^

    • Guy says:

      Yes, I think I forgot to take a real close-up of her face, her eyes, her nose, her mouth. She has a pretty small head and face, and no anime super-eyes, just a bit.

      A good looking figure, on my shelf. The shelf is higher than my seat, which is ok as she’s looking slightly down.

  7. Yi says:

    It’s a nice figure. I love her shoulder blades too. She has a really sexy back.

  8. Tommy says:

    Really nice figure. I’m surprised you didn’t complain about her cast off, which is usually a pain when MegaHouse is involved.

    I totally love the QB series for its ecchiness, but I don’t display them in cast-off mode so all that goodness goes to waste. I really like their character design for some reason. ^^

    My photos don’t always turn out the way I want them to, Photoshop to the rescue! Might want to consider adjusting the brightness/contrast, and adding a warming filter. :)

    • Guy says:

      I try to avoid photoshopping my photos, but I did lighten up that one shot. Why add a warm filter? I did it for fun here and there, but I ended up not uploading them.

      This figure’s Cast-off was quite pleasing. Both in shape, which I can’t really display, and to handle. It was a bit tough as I’ve mentioned, but it was worth it; what made it slightly tough is that the clothes really fit her shape, but at least that way they don’t seem to slough off her form.

  9. Blowfish says:

    Shes a nice figure and an absolutely lovely addidtion to any (QB) Collection.
    Shizukas Cast Off is actually one of the easier ones yet I wish that MH would add some directions.Its always a pain to try to figure it out.

    Its interesting to see that you avoid PS aswell.I only use it to add my watermark and thats it. ^^

    • Guy says:

      Well, I have Photoimpact and GIMP, but I dislike wasting spending time on them. I spend enough time on them as it is to ensure the photos, as many as possible are of the same size.

      I thought of adding watermarks, but in the end I don’t. I mean, let’s just hope no one steals from me…

      She’s my second QB figure, and really, much better than the first, Ymir.

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