Hello everyone,

My name is Guy Shalev and I write from Israel, and this blog will be about my “reviews” of various items. I am a geek, and so it is more likely that the items I review will be of a geeky nature. But certainly not all, as I watch many movies and read many books.

Most of these posts are not reviews as such; I do not post a description and synopsis of the plot of the item I am covering, unless it’s brand spanking new. I will link you to the Wikipedia page, or another site which has the plot synopsis, and you could read that.
Likewise, when I cover anime, I will not have an endless amount of screenshots, and I do not cover each episode, which is usually slim pickings.
When I cover figures, there will be shots, but I’m sure other sites have more shots, and better shots.

What you will be getting from me are my opinions. I have opinions, I have an analytical streak, and a certain ability to pass my writings to you. This is what you will get from me, my opinions.

Some note on categories:
Things I Like [TIL]: Mostly short reviews of stuff I’ve come across. Note, I almost never cover any less than a series’ full season, if not its full run. This takes longer, as watching a series is not as easy as covering one new episode every week.
Geekorner: Editorials related to geeks.
Geekulture: What this blog was originally for, for the most part. I will take some book or movie, and will use it to expand into a more general and wider topic.
Figure Friday posts will come once a week, on Friday, and will be a review of the figures released this week, the best five, the worst five, and some other news/sales of interest.

In general, expect a post every 2-3 days, so along with the Figure Friday posts, I hope to have 2-4 posts a week. Check back often :)

I can be emailed here, or you can leave a comment on this very page.

18 comments on “About

  1. lifeisforlove says:

    Hi, Geekorner! It’s funny I’ve came over your place inhere, by your avatar picture :) Do you know Romanian language? I’ve seen this cat’s pic. in some Romanian pages over the Internet – socializing web sites, being used by one user over there – little world, there is …:)

    • Guy says:

      It’s actually Melon-Cat, and it’s done a few circuits around the internet :)

      I’ve seen many other users with it, heh.

  2. Brother in Anime, Guy;
    I’am DC Rushton,”57″ years old. AKA: “The Priest of Tao”, (cosplayer name) Lover of all things anime, cosplay, and co-writer on the web-site (2 Old 4 Anime). Check out my interview under cosplay interviews. Net-diving deep, (Ghost-In-The-Shell Term) and found you. Great site and well written. I have book mark yea after one vist. I DO NOT “TWEETER/FACEBOOK/and the like. BURNED! User UN-Friendly + QUEER Messages. (and I do mean QUEER) Would you like a guest writer do a story on The SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. I would be honored to do so and add you to my list of “Web-Friends”. You would be the longest one away! BITCHIN! I only e-mail, so please contack me at my E-address. Anime in Israel? We are EVERYWHERE!

    Stay Safe Brother-in-Anime, Guy, DC

  3. SaraPage says:

    I’m a geek from the US who just moved to the north and am looking for like-minded people. Do you have any suggestions on what’s going on up here or how to find out? I have no clue how to find a good group of people who like board games, D&D, sci-fi, or other fun stuff.

    • Guy says:

      The Technion has a weekly group that meets, they’ll probably be a good way to ask first. You can see some of the schedule here. (ETA: Schedule is for March, but it has the location.)

      Look up Ilan Inglis on facebook, he can get you started.

  4. Artemis says:

    I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster award. If you’d like to participate, I have a list of questions on the below page. If not though, that’s totally okay and please just take this for the compliment it’s intended as! http://otakulounge.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/liebster-awards/

  5. Sejin says:

    I’ve noticed that you take a lot of notes while watching things, especially the currently-airing shows that you watch one episode of per week. I’ve also noticed a few times that you mention that you told yourself you weren’t going to take notes, but you ended up doing so anyways. This got me curious about what taking notes while watching something does for you, and also what, in your opinion, the drawbacks are?

    • Guy says:

      The main drawback is the time it takes. Also, you can’t fully immerse yourself in a show if you do it. That combines to me not doing it for shows I marathon, where I usually end with around a thousand words for 22 episodes, as opposed to over a thousand for a single episode otherwise.

      What it does? First, you notice more things. You look for things. It helps you construct arguments, because while noticing “X now is similar to X earlier,” when you actually write down the argument it’s easier to notice more, and the construction grows taller, and deeper. It helps when you look back on a previous episode, and when you notice things later on, to tie them to what came before. Because you’ve already done a lot of the mental work. “Just noticing” doesn’t get you nearly as far.

      The final downside is it sometimes makes me less likely to want to write an editorial on a show, because I feel I’ve already written it all, and now the work is only picking one thread out and editing it into presentable shape. But the biggest reason I’m stopping it is, to a lesser degree that most shows aren’t worth doing it for, but that it takes a lot of time. I’d rather use said time to: Watch more shows, write more interesting posts, get through my backlog, or do non-anime related stuff, such as play games and read books.

  6. gyaincross12 says:

    Hey! I’m making a blogroll, would you like to trade links? http://anime-cataclysm.blogspot.in/ Would also love to here your feedback on my blog! :) – Thank You Very Much.

    • Guy says:

      Since I haven’t updated my blogroll in a long while, I took it down. Even when it was up, I linked to people I felt like, and had people link to me if they felt like. I don’t really do link-exchanges. I had no problems linking to people who did not link back.

      As for your blog, it’d be nice to actually hear why you like the shows on your top-ten list, rather than just hear what they’re about, which I can easily see on MAL or Wikipedia.

  7. Hello,

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    Best Andy

  8. Zura says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. Your insights are very helpful. Also, just curious, do you have a MAL account?

    • Guy says:

      Yup, here is my MAL account, where you can see my exquisite taste! More seriously, I’ve said so before, but scores aren’t reflective of much, which is why I sometimes pour so many words, while the final score is barely a sentence.

      I score sometimes based more on how good I think a show is, and sometimes more about how much it spoke to me, or I enjoyed it. It’s a mixture of all these elements, but the weight given changes for every show.

  9. YahariBento says:

    Hello, I created blog about a certain light novel analysis “yahari ore no seishun love come wa machigatteiru” and blogroll for exchanging link. I want to exchange link if you don’t mind. I see your blog is clean and interesting, that’s why I love your blog.

    This is my blog.

    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

    Ps. If you ever read oregairu light novel, maybe my blog is useful to you more or less.

    • Guy says:

      Good luck with the blog, but aside from not having an active blogroll page currently (having disabled it over a year ago), I don’t believe in link exchange. I’d list the people I feel like, even if they don’t list me. And likewise, would not necessarily link back to people who link to me.

      Good luck with your endeavour, and feel free to link to me if you like the blog, think your readers will also like it, and feel like it :)

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