Banpresto Neliel tu Oderschvanck Figure Review

Neliel is a character from the anime Bleach, Banpresto released an arcade figure of her, relatively cheap ($15-25), and this will be my review. There will be a LOAD more photos for you to view on the Flickr set page.

Photos taken using Canon Powershot SD400 for the parts, and Canon D100 for the lighter photos and Neliel-sama on my shelf.
You can click on the photos to go to the Flickr page of the respective photo.


What were I thinking? I got the figure for $24.50 on eBay, and I bid before checking her price. I was actually not counting on winning her… my eBay addiction got ahold of me. But I love Nel, so it’s ok.


Nel used to be the third strongest Espada, thus the number 3 is tattooed onto her back. Her dress is half-way glued on, it can be moved slightly, but it can’t be removed or moved too much. It’s from a somewhat soft plastic. Her skirt also has words written on it, the copyright/manufacture dates. An unfortunate design choice.


The figure requires truly minor assembly, with parts sliding in and out of their sockets. The base is not only very plain, but shows dust very well. It’s also extremely reflective.

NOT a panty-shot

NOT a panty-shot

But the socket-lock is far from perfect, and there are noticeable gaps between some limbs and the body where they are attached.

A noticeable gap in the left arm. Luckily, you don’t really notice it when Neliel is facing you.


Nel’s hair usually covers her “3” tattoo, so you need to get into the right position to get a glimpse of it. That poster in the background is a huge, paper/cardboard poster of “Gone with the Wind”. It’s pretty cool. My sister’s.

Neliel, on top of the world.

A view from above.

The hair, it’s far from perfect. The painting is darker in some places where it shouldn’t be. There’s one strand that begins in the middle of her head at the top, it has some seams, especially at the bottom, etc. But it does flow very nicely.

Looking badass, with the sword’s shadow falling over the markings on her cheeks.

I will cut you.

The sword, it certainly appears sharp.

Neliel-Sama casts a long shadow. And I guess the legs are ABS, they certainly feel tougher, and look at that sheen!

This is the spot Nel occupies on my shelf. And yes, these are Role-playing game books.

Again, these and many other photos on the Flickr Set!

Visible seams, strange dress, gaps in limbs. But must also remember the cast and ease of assembly, and how many of these things are not visible when the figure is on display: 3/5.
Pose (this category was edited in): The figure’s pose is a bit too static, but the static pose is pretty cool. And enables some nice shots. 3.4/5.
Painting: Ah, there wasn’t much to paint. The hair’s shadings are a tad off. The body is done rather well. 3.6/5.
Overall: Considering the price, the character, etc. a solid 3.5/5.

BTW, I hope the upcoming PVC Neliel is the classic Nel in her full-body armour. Getting her in this look but done with a slightly higher quality for triple the price? Not interested. Her in her full armour? Very interested.

P.S. (EDIT:) I took the time to make sure most photos were of the same size, so I’d have an easier time posting several together, without them looking out of order. Just like I’ve seen others do ;) It did take more time, since I cropped some rather than have the full picture show up. Hope you appreciate it!

9 comments on “Banpresto Neliel tu Oderschvanck Figure Review

  1. phossil says:

    not the best figure kit but it has some points…

    • Guy says:


      And for its price, especially if you can get it for the original price ($15), it’s a bargain. It’s a nice character, an average figure.

      Heck, I see many figures for $50-60 that look way worse.

  2. Snark says:

    Hmm, to be honest, I’m not too keen on the pose. Seems like she could have been more dynamic if posed differently.

    • Guy says:

      Yeah, I was a bit annoyed by the pose when taking photos. It’s very… limited.
      You can remove the sword, but that doesn’t help much.

      But as a friend said, even if you get only a few different shots, it’s very easy to get a good shot.
      Like the spectacular shot at the top of the post, if I do say so myself (and some others said so too :))

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    Prize figures really are getting better and better. Although I’m surprised your arm is popped out so much, I got all my limbs fully inserted but it took some strength. I’m a huge fan of this figure becaise I love Nel and I love the price. Even if a better figure of her comes out (AlphaxOmega) I won’t regret this one.

    • Guy says:

      I just checked, and seems using strength was the wrong answer :D

      I just had to shift her arm side-ways, rather than try to push it in, heh.

  4. Tommy says:

    Nel’s hair usually covers her “3″ tattoo, so you need to get into the right position to get a glimpse of it.

    a.k.a. pantsu shot. :P

    I don’t appreciate game prizes/arcade figures too much because of their quality, but I have to say that some of them are really good in quality.

    I just upload the photos on wordpress (might be a bad idea because you have to upload them one by one), but you don’t have to worry about the photos’ sizes. Maybe I should use flickr for reviews and WP for regular posts.

    • Guy says:

      I don’t really worry about photos’ size. I worry about when I have 3 photos one next to the other that they won’t be the same size.

      I can in wordpress after linking to Flickr manually dictate their size, but I want them to be in the right ratio, so there won’t be stretching.

      Also, I suggest against uploading media to wordpress on a regular basis, because if you reach your quota, either you pay them yearly to get more space, or you have to remove media, leaving your older entries orphaned of pictures…

  5. Guy says:

    Oh yeah, I keep forgetting, but I can’t not see it.

    I dislike her belly button. It’s not positioned right. It’s a bit too the right side of her body (our left when watching her front).

    It doesn’t look like she’s half twisting, not really, just the belly button and one side of the belly…

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