So You Want to Watch Anime?

I’m known amongst some of my friends as someone who is knowledgeable about anime, and as such people often turn to me when they want to get into watching anime, or when they are looking for more shows to watch. I am planning a series of posts, each will list some shows or movies that are good for beginning anime viewers, alongside a description, and a potential explanation at why they’re important and/or who they are aimed at.

These posts are aimed both at those with next to no experience in anime, or those who watched a small amount of shows and are looking for more shows of the same genre or are looking to branch out. I for one believe that anime is not a genre, but a sub-medium of television, when you consider what to watch just think of what genre of movies, television and books you enjoy, and choose accordingly.
Some of these shows are a bit more “complex”, so some people say that you need to watch more shows in their genre before watching them, but we’re all competent media consumers, and these shows stand on their own – if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be as highly regarded.

Part 1 – A Place to Start – Shows –  Describing 10 shows that are influential, similar in some ways to western mainstream shows, and/or are just plain good, to get you going and help you find out which genres you like, and which you do not.

Part 2 – A Place to Start – Movies – ETA: Soon™.

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