Gatchaman Crowds Project Kick-Off!


Those who follow the blog long enough know that Gatchaman Crowds holds a special place in my heart. After Gatchaman Crowds finished airing in late 2013, I wrote down a series of ideas I want to do small write-ups on, focusing on each character as a mask. Somehow, I never got around to it. Enter 2015, where we finally find out that Gatchaman Crowds Insight, a follow-up series, is about to air. I set aside the time to rewatch the original, finally write all my posts on it, and then watch the second season, without the second season impacting my write-ups on the first. Somehow, after rewatching half the series I got distracted, and only got around to watching the second season after it finished airing, but not before I made the time to rewatch the first series in its entirety.

I also finally took the time to write all those small essays on the first season, where I take each character as a “mask” and through said character and their mask explore both the series and the human experience. As a result of all of the above, I found myself with tens of thousands of words written about Gatchaman Crowds. Rewatch short-notes, full-episode break-downs, proper short essays, long essays, the whole thing. I’ve been sitting on all of these words since February, unable to get myself to publish them. I did want the final piece to come out on November 8th, because seeing how Gatchaman Crowds Insight revolves around elections, I thought it’d be very appropriate. But between moodiness and illness lately, that will not come to pass.

I want to do this right. This show is important to me. These write-ups are important to me.

As such, there’ll be a write-up every single day from tomorrow (October 30th), through November 22nd, according to the schedule posted here, in the page that’ll collect the entirety of my Gatchaman Crowds write-ups, and then the final write-up will be released a week later, on November 29th, my birthday.

Gatchaman Crowds Anime episode 12 - Ichinose Hajime bids us farewell

Cya all tomorrow!

I hope you’ll all join me on this journey, at least for the parts that interest you. It’s fine to pick and choose, just as Hajime would tell you, do what’s fun :)