MegaHouse Shizuka from Queen’s Blade Review.

This review IS Safe for Work, it has the posterior of a figure, but otherwise, it IS safe for work.

Shizuka is a character from Queen’s Blade, a series quite heavy on fan-service. She is actually made by Alpha x Omega, a team-up between MegaHouse and Alter. She is somewhat cast-offable, but is done in relatively good taste, and she has a hand one can manipulate.


Click the “More” tag for the rest of the review! (You will get to see her wearing only G-string from behind, so consider, it is just a figure after all)

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Figure Friday – August 28th-September 3rd in Review.

Ok, this is the post for the figures and news of the week running from the 28th of August to the 3rd of September. It is a tad late, I do realize. That week had more than its share of news, but slightly fewer figures, so we only have “Four Hot” and “Four Not”. Last week’s post will go up Monday or Tuesday.

And as for this being Monday my time and not Sunday, with such a great semi-final in the US Open between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, what can you expect? :)
For those who wonder, I think I did pretty well on my test!

As always, click on the first photo to go to a page with more details/photos, and click on the following pictures to see a larger version.

Four Hot:


Vocaloid #01 Nendoroid Petite trading figure by Good Smile Company

Vocaloid #01 Nendoroid Petite trading figure by Good Smile Company

 Some more photos on Kumo’s blog.
CUTE overload! I especially like Megurine Luka (with the red hair), and Sakine Meiko, the bopping redhead (orange hair).
Miku Saihate, with the flower (at a funeral?) is also adorable.
Reserve, 6,000 yen. November 2009.
Update: Second shipment opened for reservation right now.

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