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Well, my attempt at watching 54-ish episodes last week didn’t really pan out. I managed 31. I also managed to watch about 4 episodes of shows not related to that “project”. I sort of burnt out. I managed to cover the shows I’ve already been watching, I’ve managed to clear Blood Lad, Free! and Gin no Saji early in the week – but then, I didn’t actually manage to cover the shows I cared for such as Monogatari 2nd season, Day Break Illusion and Fate/Kaleid Prisma Liner Illya.

Hnnnnng! NanohaYou know how having deadlines is supposed to motivate you, except when you feel crushed under them? I ran head-straight into the moe-bland brigade of Servant x Service, Kiniro Mosaic and Love Lab (Hnnnnnnnggg!) I probably should have started with the stuff I care for, it’s the stuff I care for after all, right?
It’s just that I stared at my anime-library, saw these episodes, including ones I wanted to watch, and just didn’t feel like watching them.

Now, a weaker and less introspective person might blame themselves for their weak will or trying to bite off more than they can chew, but being the ever-perspicacious (gotta love words that cover the feeling of alliteration within just one word!) person that I am, I am going to blame the lot of you readers (or rather, the seeming lack of readers), for the lack of moral support as I stopped halfway down to diabetes in hell moe-moe land.

Well, this week will see me posting 4 “Mid-season impression posts”, this week being the next 7 days. I’ll sort them by the days of the week in which the anime gets released, with the first half of the week requiring a grouping and Friday-Sunday each getting their own entry. This also means I still have time to catch up on the shows I want to cover, but this time I’ll only try it with those I care for…

As for blogging in general, I decided to post between 1 and 3 entries a week, or if I’m really working hard on a long entry then there might be a week without an entry. I’ve decided to take the time and write the entries I wanted.

The early schedule had proved useful in getting me back to writing and engaging with the anime world, but now that I’ve got it covered I think I can just blog as I write, but still trying to make sure I blog consistently. I might drop a bit in activity until September, but then I expect to pick up steam and clear my post backlog.

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Taking Care of Bigfoot Cat.

Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist.

Well, I thought it was time for another entry that is light-hearted, and probably even more important, short, so it’s just fitting that this entry will be of a cat. And no, you will not see any photos of the cat in question, for reasons that will shortly be explained.

A friend of mine had gone on vacation recently, and I was entrusted with the task of taking care of his cat. I went there every day, and did not see the cat once; merely… cat traces.

The cat is one I’ve seen before, and is named Naftali, a name that was more common in Israel 40-60 years ago. Regardless, this was the cat’s name.

Each day I would go to my friend’s house, call to the cat, look in all the rooms, and I would not see the cat. I was worried so much that the first day I mailed my friend that his cat was seemingly not there, but had declared that I will return that night in order to see whether the food was consumed, and the litter-box used: Evidence that the cat was still there.

I did check, and food was consumed, and the litter-box disturbed. The cat, though elusive, was still on the premises, but it had eluded me.

For five days and for five nights, I have taken care of the cat (once per day or night, usually). And for five days and for five nights, I had seen neither tail nor hide of the cat, but its food-plate was filled, its water refreshed, and its litter-sand scooped.

And so I deemed this cat to be Bigfoot Cat, not for the size of his feet or paws (which I assure you all, are quite normal and average), but for the fact that there was never any direct reporting of the cat itself, merely… cat traces.

P.S. Three more entries to this blog’s 100th entry.

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Baka to Test – That Little Extra Thing Called Charm

Baka to Test to Shōkanjū

Image via Wikipedia

Well, you know how if you go by a check-list you sometimes end up not knowing where the wonder had come from; how you cannot really put your finger on what separates the great from the mediocre, but you do know that it’s there?

Well, that’s the case with Baka to Test (to Shokanju). If you would try to compose a check list of what “Light-hearted anime comedies” should include in them, you’re probably going to mark most of what appears in this series. Well, it’s likely also going to appear on a list of many lewd jokes…

(This is a “Things I Like” post, and as such covers more my thoughts, and is less focused as an actual bona fide review. There will be next to no spoilers in this post.)

We have the flat-chested tsundere, we have the buxom girl with a soft personality (Did anyone notice how “soft” is often tied to being well-endowed and being “hard” is tied to being not as well endowed in anime?), we have the voyeur who is even addressed as such by everyone (and the accompanying nose-bleeds).
We have the yandere who wants someone who doesn’t want her, we have the guy who is too cool for school, with great black and white line-art scenes where he convinces the eponymous character to trust him, and he always gets burnt, we have the trap boy who everyone addresses as a girl, and the butt of jokes closet yaoi boy.
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[Humor] Zabuza and the Rare Ingredient!

Zabuza, whose last name is apparently Momochi, which no one but Narutards knows, was the first real antagonist in Naruto. And he was AWESOME! And so, this post is dedicated to Zabuza, who traveled with Haku, the super-trap (Naruto picked flowers with him, thinking it was a girl).

Here I will cover this ultra-rare figure of him, and the rare dust, dust as you’ve never seen in a figure review before!

Zabuza, looking badass

Zabuza, looking badass

This post is intended in humor, read it as such (including the “Narutards” reference), also, I got the links page up and mostly running, it’s only 70% populated, I’ll get the rest done between now and the weekend, thank you.

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