Alter Saber Alter Maid 1/6 and Chibi! Figure Review

So this figure, or rather two figures, had appeared on my blog a couple of times already, so we’ll mention them a tad before we delve into my review of them.

The first appearance was back in the Figure Friday post covering September 18th to the 24th (2009). It shared the first pick of the week award with another figure. Then, it made another appearance, on Figure Monthly of that same month, under the title of “Figure I am Most Likely to Buy”, and at this stage, everything was just me trying to stave off the expenditure of money, fighting against the inevitable.
It wasn’t very surprising that in the overview of November, in the Media Consumption and Purchases post, I had let it be known that I had sent forth the money in order to purchase this figure. In the end I picked this figure over Saber Lily Distant Avalon.

This figure is a Hobby Channel exclusive, so I had to use a deputy service in order to acquire it. I have went with the figure-oriented Joseph Tsai of Tokyo Hunter. The figure was 8,000 yen cover-price, and going through a deputy service had not surprisingly made the costs higher. The figure was very well packed, and communication with Joseph was rapid, easy, and accomodating, so I am not at all sorry about having used him. Thumbs up to Tokyo Hunter’s services, so long you’re ok with the prices.
Figure produced by Alter.

Finally, the figure was scheduled for an April release, but ended up being released in May. I’ve already received it and taken photos, obviously ;) Click on photos to get taken to the Flickr page. Full set here.

The packaging, I ordered it and it shipped by SAL. The box was huge, so I took some photos. I decided to use Saber Lily’s nendoroid (which I should review someday) for purposes of scale. Inside the box were newspapers, another carton box, a light wrapping, and finally the figure’s box. VERY well packaged. Being 1/6 scale, it’s not surprising how large Saber is, and it’s large.

External and internal boxes. Nendoroid Saber Lily is adorable.

The Big box in all its glory.   The internal box within the external, and Saber Lily on top.

The box is pretty neat, with the front having a silhouette of Saber Alter, the back a silhouette of the chibi, and the sides are red with the front and back of the bigger figure.

The back, so cute :)

  The front with the soft wrapping. You'll see it, don't worry.  Side B.

Now, I’m not really a great photographer, and the lighting conditions in my room are a bit problematic, so I opted for flash. I decided to use the figure’s box as the background. Perhaps a lighter background would’ve been better, dunno. Here is the companion piece to the one on top, without flash.

No-flash photo, not as “cold”-tinted.

Here is Saber Alter from the rear. With all of her lacy goodness. By the by, if you notice her hair is not as yellow as the chibi or the nendoroid’s, or the lack of the ahoge (the hairslip), this is because this is Saber Alter from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, and that’s just the way she looks.

Ah, lacy goodness… also notice the silhouette on the box’s front.

I only remembered to take a panty-shot from behind, I hope you’ll manage to forgive me ;) Also, this show really shows some of the flash’s effects. But, the real issue is, what is Saber doing with her fingers? What is she pointing at?

Beauty, Saber is thy name. I like how gentle it is. Also, “Zettai Ryouiki!”

Ah yes… this figure is a must for all you fans of “Zettai Ryouik”, the “Ultimate zone”, referring to that between the leggins and the undies/skirt.

Saber and the chibi come on top of a red-and-black tiled floor. It’s quite shiny, and really catches fingerprints. Saber is also stable enough to stand without her leg-pins! Which is nice.

A look from above. Placed the chibi’s floor-piece on big-Saber’s.

I guess this brings us to the chibi, who is just too cute by far! If you’re wondering at how lush their eyes look, this is because their eyes don’t seem to have been painted on, but seem to be glued-on-decals. This makes them seem more sparkling, but makes me worry they might one day fall off?

SO cute!

And yes, I know I didn’t get her to hold her squeegee firmly enough :P



One thing that was slightly annoying to me, was that the piece of paper explaining how to get the squeegee into big Saber’s arms and other such explanations was at the bottom of my box, so I only found it after prying open her fingers and hoping they won’t break… but it’s good to know for the future.
Her fingernails are not painted, but this is such a lovely and beautiful figure.

Painting: I like the brighter yellow of original Saber, but this figure has nothing wrong with it, flesh-tones a bit pale. 4.8/5.
Sculpt: Nothing wrong with these figures, and you even get two. Being 1/6 Saber is also big. The paper that explains how to get the squeegee into her hands gives her a perfect score, had you had to pry her fingers wide it’d have been less.  5/5.
Pose: A bit subdued, but at the same time striking and with a hint of power. I am not sure what she is doing with her fingers. The chibi is perfect, and squished! You get a hint of her flesh, and it’s neat. 4/5.
Overall: I’d give this figure a very solid 4.8/5; for those wondering, this score is not an average as it also takes into account how happy I am with this figure, which is probably 4.9/5, because it was expensive ;)
If you don’t like maids, it’ll probably be less. The chibi BTW is an unconquered 5/5.

And now, some more photos, click on them to go to the Flickr page! Also, sharing is loving, so if you like this post re-tweet, vote up on animeblips, etc. In two posts we’ll reach the 100th post!

Inside the packaging.  



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16 comments on “Alter Saber Alter Maid 1/6 and Chibi! Figure Review

  1. Ninjovee says:

    First blood comment! (hopefully!)

    First of all, congratulations on acquiring Saber Alter Maid! She is absolutely gorgeous! oh, if only I had the money, I’d buy her too. ;~; (but like I said before, I was more attracted to her chibi more than anything)

    I loved the slick packaging too. Actually, everything about this figure is pretty slick. Also, I don’t know why you found her hand positions strange, but to me, it’s pretty classy. You know, how people often lift their pinky when drinking from a cup? I think that’s the thing with Saber’s hands.

    About Tokyo Hunter, yes, you can never go wrong with his services… unless you’re on a tight budget. I was pretty satisfied with his services too when I got Nendo Reimu from him… only, he does raise the price a lot on more popular figures Dx

    Hrm. What else. Oh.

    I demand that you re-do your photoshoot on her! Flash photography does not do any justice! Or… you can just ship her to me, leave her with me for a couple of months so I can take my gander at taking her photos… hee hee. JK =P

    Great review! Congrats on getting her again ^^

    • Guy says:

      First blood is yours!

      The Chibi is amazing. There’s no question about it.. I still prefer Saber Lily Nendoroid, my favourite nendoroid :)

      I may re-do some of the photoshoot. The thing is, the lighting condition in my room is not very good, so I had to use the flash, which as my brother notes, made the photos seem kind of “2-D” (but helps all those 2D lovers out there ;)).
      I did get better at taking photos, flash included, when taking photos of my miniatures (I’ll make a post or two eventually), but the technique I employ there is not too employable here because the figure is just too big…

      My house was full of its occupants, and I really wanted to take the photos, so I couldn’t invade one of the other rooms while it was empty, which is how I took most other photos.

      And thank you, I love my figure too, and you can’t have her :D At least not my copy.

  2. Radiant says:

    Beautiful! One of the reasons why I didn’t order this was because of exclusives. I believe Ninjovee wrote an article about exclusives on her blog as well.

    I’m not one to pay exuberant amounts of money for a piece of PVC because of it being exclusive and elusive, unfortunately. Can’t afford to. So I do commend you for acquiring her.

    Like I did say before though, she looks quite a bit more … “aggressive” than the other Saber Maid figure (namely this one: and since I already own that Saber Maid, it became even less likely that I would be willing to shell out for her.

    The packaging is awesome. It’s got a really sweet “Limited Edition” look to it!
    Like Ninjovee, I too would like to see better pictures. Both you and I know that she deserves better than that!

    • Guy says:

      Yes, the packaging is sleek. As opposed to the very glittery and pompous Saber Lily ~ Distant Avalon packaging, this one is really elegant.

      Well, if you come to this blog for great pictures, you’re probably coming to the wrong place… :P Check the Trackbacks, Meronpan has a review up with better photos…

      It wasn’t that expensive, actually. Aside from the shipping, I only paid 3,000 yen over the MSRP. So all things considered it was ok.

      Dunno, she doesn’t seem aggressive to me, and it’s a really well made figure.

      • hikky says:

        Congrats. If they would only sell the chibi Saber separately!
        Just like Radiant I own the “old” Saber maid from Alter and didn’t really see the point in buying this one since I’m so short on money. But I would highly recommend her for those who missed the former Saber maid from Alter.
        And yes she doesn’t look as friendly as the old one. (And I like most of my waifus to smile now and then. xD)

        Side-note:I don’t get it what’s so great about packaging. If they would make the figures cheaper and put them in some plain, brown boxes I wouldn’t mind. I will just throw the box in corner anyway and never look at it again anyway. ~_~

    • Guy says:

      Oh, it’s not that I put that much stock in packaging, but I dislike too.. shiny and glittery ones, it looks like some bauble. Like some fake from China. This is elegant, and as such, it’s a nice complement to Saber.

      Saber doesn’t smile, if you knew Saber, you’d have known that! :P It might be just as well you don’t have her as a wife, or she’d have kicked your butt ;)

      As for the chibi, they should have released it with some manga/book and raked in the money, heh. She is so awesome.

  3. […] guy also has his review out as well! […]

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    I got mine last week too, I plan on making her my next figure review. I set up the tent and ironed the cloth background…and then got a bit distracted with other fun activities over my long weekend. I’ll have a review up in a week or so. I LOVE the box but…what about the fans that like to leave their collectibles in the packaging? I feel a bit bad for them. This is going to force them into seriously considering opening their figure when that’s not something they usually do.

    • Guy says:

      I know some boxes of small things where you can see it as clearly in the box, where leaving in the box can increase the display area, or those who plan to re-sell, or those who only unpack if they photoshoot and don’t get around to shooting photos… but yeah, just keeping in the box?

      Then again, who am I to speak with my book fetish? :D

      Awaiting your review!

  5. Leonia says:

    I really like the base of this Saber, but I don’t really like her colors and eyes ^^’ Eyes are really special ^^ But nice purchase !

    • Guy says:

      Eyes are very important. I ended up liking them, but I had to think it over a bit. The eyes are really lush! Like a verdant forest.

  6. Yi says:

    The chibi maid Saber is just precious. Soooo adorable! She adds so much to this figure.
    The large Saber is beautiful too. Love the maid costume and love the lace. This set is one of the best ever!

  7. Reltair says:

    Great review! For obvious reasons, I want this figure!!

    I’m not a big fan of the maid outfit, but I can live with that. :)

    • Guy says:

      You have many Sabers I want, heh. So, are you getting this figure? Your Saber Shrine can never be complete without it, after all ;)

  8. Tommy says:

    That’s why, my friend, I always open figure boxes from the bottom. ;)

    Her clothes were a little more pearlescent than I liked, but it didn’t take away from the figure.

    Really great figure from Alter.

    • Guy says:

      Why do you always open figure boxes from the bottom? I must be missing something.. for the pantsu shots? ;-) To preserve them? Or in order to be able to fold them later?

      And I agree on both counts :) Good to have you back. You are back, right?

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