Haruhi-Chan 3 Limited Edition: Otaku Yuki Nagato Petit Nendoroid Review.

I’ve ordered the third volume of “The Melancholy of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya”, the parody/comedic version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The limited edition came with a short “The History of Itsuki Koizumi“, and what interests us, a petit nendoroid of Yuki Nagato as an otaku. This is especially interesting to me, as while I don’t speak Japanese, I certainly can’t read it!

BTW, I also got a copy of Tony Taka‘s “Shining World” artbook, so that’s what Yuki is standing on sometimes :)

Yuki, accoutered in her otaku regalia

Yuki, accoutered in her otaku regalia

First, the box. The box is sturdy, looks nice and minimalist (Mouseover for ALT-text when there are no captions).

front    side    back

And because how can I pass on this opportunity, the front-cover (in its box-cover thingy), Tony Taka’s book:

Tony Takas Shining World Artbook

Tony Taka's Shining World Artbook

Ok, time to get down to business, of which there wasn’t much, seeing as the petit figures come with a minimal number of items, so I’ll show you what was inside the box!

Inner box, things on top of one another    The contents of the inner-box, before removal and separation    The Manga, the additional material, and the manga's dust-jacket

The objects within the box, one next to the other.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s see what we got, figure wise.

Taking Yuki out of the box, there are plastic wraps in her joints, probably so nothing would be harmed, that’s the glint you see.

Out of the box...

Out of the box...

And now you get to see her bits. Only when removing her arms can you really see the lapels underneath, of the neckline. The arms don’t move much, so it’s pretty moot.

...and into the grider!

...and into the grider!

arms and chest

arms and chest


The best thing about Yuki’s Otaku bunny-ear headphones? They hide that ugly nendo-seam, watch:

Now you see it,     and now you don't!

Nothing is ever perfect, and as you can see from the following picture, while Yuki is as adorable (and expression-less) as always, the bunny ear-muff is not even close to touching her right (our left) ear…

Im cute. Yes I am.

I'm cute. Yes I am.

There’s this green cat/frog thing that goes on the headphones. It has a groove at its bottom that allows it to latch on. The center of the headphones are a bit too wide for it to sit there comfortably, so it’s a bit to the side. This is all pretty small, look at my fingers for scale.

left, front, and center. With the thinking-cap on!

And with the headgear from the side; slightly annoying how from the side it looks as if her eyes are closed, and we’re seeing her eye-lashes.

Im not snoozing.

I'm not snoozing.

Some parting shots, if you want to see the rest, head over to her Flickr Set!
Next to Yokos Real Nendoroid. You can also see how I figured out her support.

Next to Yoko's "Real" Nendoroid. You can also see how I figured out her support.

Global domination is within my reach. And?

Global domination is within my reach. And?

I almost forgot! Scores! (Ok, I forgot, this was edited in!):
I’m pretty sure this is also Good Smile Company.
Sculpt: Hm, it’s pretty simple, but as a petit nendoroid, this is to be expected. The limited manueverability on the arms is a bit chaffing, but I am going to dock it points for that awful gap between the earphone and the head. 3/5.
Paint: I like her eyes, I like that she is detailed beneath her book. I give it 4/5 because there’s nothing wrong, but it’s actually 2.5-3, in terms of “Nothing special, nothing extra-ordinary”, there was just nothing to dock it for. In the end I did decide to dock it one point, the “No mouth” is a bit much.
Accessories: I think the headset is adorable, the frog-cat is nice, and the headset serves a double duty for hiding the gap. I don’t have any other petit nendoroids though, and don’t know how to compare, so I’ll leave this one empty.

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8 comments on “Haruhi-Chan 3 Limited Edition: Otaku Yuki Nagato Petit Nendoroid Review.

  1. Gunstray says:

    Hahah Ero Yuki is cute <3

  2. Katelyn says:

    its adorable where did u get it? ^-^ *thinks this person probably got it from ebay…:P*

    • Guy says:

      Nope, HMV Online, which is sort of an Amazon place. I suggest using google to search their titles, cause otherwise English titles are a bust.

      Got it for MSRP. I’m pretty sure they still have copies.
      EDIT: It got sold out there.
      But yes, eBay has it.

  3. Snark says:

    Hmm, I wonder if the uneven ear-muff was a design flaw, or if you were just unlucky?

    Either way, otaku Yuki is still fucking cute

    • Guy says:

      She is way cute, and it seems like a design flaw (see this review>, or not really a flaw.

      Looking at my figure now, the ear-muff is an equal distance from the hair, more or less. It’s the ear that it’s further away from.

      Then again, I have a very keen eyes for detail, I dunno if others even noticed it; or found it worth commenting on.

      And hey, it seems I am rather high on google for “Otaku Yuki”, and first spot if you add “Haruhi-chan” :)

      Also, Snark, I thought you were anti Moe? ;-)

  4. […] Otaku Yuki, which came with Haruhi-chan 3’s limited edition, which had been reviewed. […]

  5. T.I.P. says:

    I would love to have her. I’m wondering how the frog and headphones make her “otaku”?

    Small, as expected of a petit, but really cute. ^^

    • Guy says:

      It’s based on the Haruhi-Chan anime.
      She found the world of Eroge, and began playing it in the club-house, with speakers working.

      Kyon got her the earphones because it was a bit… embarrassing.

      That frog is some sort of creature, I’m not sure, I didn’t manage to find the episodes, and I can’t read the manga.

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