Figure Friday – October 2nd-15th.

This is the weekly Figure Friday post, covering the figures released, announced and such during the past two weeks. There will be the best figures of the week and the worst, as well as news, delays, releases and re-stocks.

As always, click on the first picture to go to a site with more information on the figures, and the pictures after the description for the Flickr page (you must be logged in, due to some photos in the set being R18), where bigger photos can be had. As always, post is NOT entirely safe for work, be advised.

In personal news, felt crummy yesterday, thus no post, and tomorrow I’m beginning the final year of my B.A.!

Five Hot:


Touhou Project Hakurei Reimu figma 055 action figure by Max Factory

Touhou Project Hakurei Reimu figma 055 action figure by Max Factory

Best figma ever. The joints are not too noticeable behind the skirt, poseable, good quality looking. GREAT faces, and the drunk face is so priceless.
It’s a minor hassle to obtain; while not a limited edition, you have to order it from one of several stores that will sell it exclusively, so you’ll have to use some sort of deputy service, but it’s not a limited release, at least.
I am so getting it :D
January 2010, 140mm, 2,800 yen with tax.
Get her from NicoNico where you can also get the Reimu and Marisa nendoroids. Direct Reimu figma link.


 Follow the “more” tag to see the rest of the figures, again, not all safe for work.


Touhou Project Kirisame Marisa non-scale PVC figure by Gokokuden

Touhou Project Kirisame Marisa non-scale PVC figure by Gokokuden

Nice figure, fun pose, nice face, really like the darker yellow/golden hair hue, better than bright yellow. Always liked this kind of dress in my art. One thing I find a bit problematic is that the handle of her broom is too thick, so where it’s positioned, you keep thinking it’s her leg, and then it looks weird ;)
January 2010, 250mm with base, 7,619 yen.
You will need to order her from an online shops, such as AmiAmi; no direct link yet, sorry. They seem to have plenty of Marisa figures, BTW.




Bleach Sarugaki Hiyori1/9 PVC figure by Alpha Omega

Bleach Sarugaki Hiyori1/9 PVC figure by Alpha Omega

Her outfit, that jumpsuit, it’s so funky, and not cool looking, and her pose is slightly awkward. So why is this figure here, aside from that ace rendition of her Hollow mask? Well, because this figure perfectly captures both the original design and the “kick-your-ass” rebel feel of Hiyori. Her jumpsuit is funky, but she actually wears it, and it’s well-done.
February 2010, 210mm (with mask), 6,300 yen. Reserve.




Naked Star SPIDER girl 1/8 PVC figure by First-class

Naked Star SPIDER girl 1/8 PVC figure by First-class

Her face is very sweet, her chest is nicely sculpted, and she has a neat overall figure/pose. Her hair could be a bit more detailed, and I wish you could actually display her in a “Safe mode”, and/or remove the spider. She fails my ultimate cast-off test: Where I like displaying both with and without clothes as valid options, cause she doesn’t seem to have a “with” clothes options per se; at best she’s half dressed.
And yet, her face is really sweet. I kinda wish we had a regular non-cast-off figure of her, heh.
December 2009, 200mm, 7,800 yen. Reserve.




Happiness! Watarase Jun 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya 4-Leaves LG

Happiness! Watarase Jun 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya 4-Leaves LG

 Cute simple figure, really nice shading on the stockings, sweet face. Really like the two-arm options, and both are quite appealing. Oh yes, it’s a trap.
January 2010, 180mm, 5,800 yen. Reserve.


Original art.

Original art.


Five Not:


A Certain Scientific Railgun Misaka Mikoto 1/8 PVC figure by Taki corporation

A Certain Scientific Railgun Misaka Mikoto 1/8 PVC figure by Taki corporation

Taki Corporation, why do you lay hands on character I love?
The face is off, the whole configuration, the shape of the eyes and how they go around the head, how far they are from one another, the quality of the hair, both sculpting and painting..
Her skirt goes off, but it’s Misaka Mikoto, so we know she has boxers underneath. Now, either we can take them off, or that huge gap in her boxers, which are one of the center-points (perspective wise) of the figure, are just there in order to be ugly.
No. Either way.
Also, she looks ghoulish in the official art, a bad colouring and photography combination…
November 2009, 180mm, 8,980 yen. Order via AmiAmi.




Sister Princess Sakuya Swimsuit Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Kotobukiya 4-Leaves LG

Sister Princess Sakuya Swimsuit Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Kotobukiya 4-Leaves LG

I am sure many would disagree with me, but I think this figure belongs here. She suffers from proportion issues of the first order: Her legs are way too long, her upper body half is too small, the angle of her legs versus her torso looks weird, her heads looks improperly attached (WTF?), the bottom piece of her swimsuit looks too big, and her gun is HUGE. Way too huge compared to how thin the rest of the model seems.
Also, rather than matching the bikini to her hair, I think they should’ve contrasted it.
January 2010, 180mm, 5,500 yen.




Sister Princess Sakuya Swimsuit Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Kotobukiya 4-Leaves LG

Magical Princess Minky Momo Minky Momo non-scale soft vinyl figure by Lilics Art Storm

I couldn’t put my finger exactly on why this figure was something I didn’t like. Well, turns out it’s soft-vinyl and real-fabric, for a pretty small clothes. This means that her hair and features are a bit less detailed and more “Massy”, I guess, and real-fabric dolls often look weird, especially because they give them neon-bright colours instead of the bit more subdued fabrics real people dress in, and of course, it seems like felt rather than say, cotton.
As a combination of the above two, that figure really will suffer from wear and tear if not protected, as clothes attract dust, and soft vinyl is not that durable. Well, good thing it doesn’t look that good, eh?
February 2010, 200mm, 5,696 yen.




Ikkitousen (Dragon Destiny) Kanu Unchou Ribbon Underwear Ver. 1/8 PVC figure by Taki corporation

Ikkitousen (Dragon Destiny) Kanu Unchou Ribbon Underwear Ver. 1/8 PVC figure by Taki corporation

Do I really need to say much about this figure? It’s the same figure as the one which got the worst Ikkitousen figure of the month choice , but with Christmas clothes, and her hands up in her hair. It’s slightly better, but still not nearly good enough. Actually, I like her gloves, but wonder how you replace them, probably have to replace the whole arms.
November 2009, 8,800 yen, castoffable.




Genso Senki Rulilura Izulha Golden Diva Another Color Ver. 1/8 PVC figure by Megahouse

Genso Senki Rulilura Izulha Golden Diva Another Color Ver. 1/8 PVC figure by Megahouse

Why is this figure here? The clothes look as if they are made from plastic, and way too shiny. That is excessive glare, and with this being the second try at this figure, I can’t credit it.
To be honest, as you can see in her body-shots, her body is almost perfectly sculpted. Really well-made. Also, while her yellow outfit has less clothes-glare, her hair is much better in light blue. If you plan to display her without clothes, then I’d move her to “Five Hot”.
February 2010, 200mm, 6,800 yen. Reserve.




Will get posted tomorrow, probably, or something. Sorry everyone, but this post took way too long to get up as it is! :)

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27 comments on “Figure Friday – October 2nd-15th.

  1. Leonia says:

    Marisa is really cute, but I don’t know the quality of the manufacturer. She is dynamic and sweet

  2. Marshmallow says:

    I’m a huge fan of Kotobukiya, and I’ll always try to forget of any problems things they do, like strange coloured bases, but that Sakuya has a really awful body…

    Jun though… I’m really tempted to get him… but I’m stuck… :|

    • Guy says:

      I keep loving companies even if they have blunders. Overall, I like Kotokubiya, and by Gorm, but do they have half of this week’s post!

      Stuck, you mean without money?

  3. FSF says:

    I think you put “Sister Princess Sakuya Swimsuit Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Kotobukiya 4-Leaves LG” under what should be “Art Storm’s Soft Vinyl Non-Scale Magical Princess Minky Momo”.

    I only own one soft-vinyl figure (CMS’s 1/1 scale Potemayo [which would have been $100 more expensive were it cast in PVC]) and would have liked to see Momo has a PVC, but I’m a fan so if I have the cash come February, I might be getting her.

    • Guy says:

      Thanks! Fixed. I also pointed the link to the Sakuya post..

      And yeah, the Shining Tears/Wind 1:1 scale figure is very expensive.

  4. kluxorious says:

    OMG I so want Hiyori! *is a total Bleachtard* and is contemplating whether i should get Reimu or not. I don’t play the games so I have no clue about her.

    • Guy says:

      I don’t like how they did Nel-sama’s dress too much, so she’s not here. Also not a fan of her Hollow mask…

      And Touhou are shoot-them-ups, so it’s not like playing the games would give you that much more knowledge of the characters, heh.

  5. Yi says:

    Agreed about the 5 not’s. The 5 hot’s though isn’t too exceptional either, except for Reimu. I like that Reimu figma a lot.
    I suppose Hiyori is going to be popular too, just because she’s Hiyori.

  6. Reltair says:

    Not really a fan of anything shown there except the Reimu figma.

  7. Snark says:

    Why the fuck does she have a spider sticking out of her va***a?

    • Guy says:

      I guess it suits some people’s kinks?

      More seriously, while in the original art it does come out of her unmentionables, in the figure, it seems to be placed ON it, and almost makes the figure more safe for work, censoring her ;)

      Also, I wonder if her underpants are fabric and thus can be put in place, or plastic that you can take on and off her knees.

      And I dunno, she’s from an eroge, or an ero-manga, or something. I guess that’s why?

      Anyway, to be honest, as I said above, if she were there with an underpants-on and/or spider-removed options, she’d be much more desireable. I still think her sculpt is pretty great aside from that.

      #5 on the not hot also has a nice sculpt, but the face on spider-girl is superb.

  8. Ninjovee says:

    I agree with your choice of Reimu a hundred percent! She is so on my to-get list. But I’m currently crying inside because I canceled the credit card I’ve been using for online purchases and won’t be able to get another one until I get my first job. *cries*

    Marisa is so cute and I love how faithful the sculptor was to the original art. I wish the broomstick was somewhere else though.

    Not much comment about Hiyori as I’ve stopped following Bleach a long, long time ago. She isn’t very appealing to me — but I guess that’s because of the clothes.

    your number four choice for five hot… TOTALLY echoing Snark’s comment about her. That’s just creepy and wrong in so many levels… even worse than furries. Yes her face is definitely nice, but seeing the black things sticking out is just an instant turn-off.

    …and… Number five is a trap? O_O that’s very a cute trap!

    • Guy says:

      If traps aren’t cute, then they fail in being, well, traps. This is why traps are some of the cutest “girls” about.

      Hiyori’s outfit had me totally “Meh!” as well, but the more I thought about it, I’ve realized they just released what was in the anime/manga, and this is how she looks. But the important bit is that it carries her essence perfectly.

      And good luck on getting that first job soon!

  9. Optic says:

    I’m with u Snark. Can someone plz explain the whole concept about the spider being at her ‘u know where’. That is some freaky shit. @_@
    Figma Reimu is nice and I already know she’s gonna be a sell out. I think about 70US is likely the price to pay if I get her on ebay.
    Good thing I’m not a Touhou fan or I would be gunning for her.

  10. phossil says:

    8,980 yen for a Mikoto figure that doesnt look like Mikoto?? No thanks. lol.

    • Guy says:

      Worse, we know it’s supposed to be Mikoto, so we’ll forever compare it to how it should look, and it’ll forever be wanting.

  11. […] October 2nd-15th. October 19, 2009 Guy Leave a comment Go to comments As promised in the main post, this post will cover the amazingly large number of news, re-stocks, delays and such that had […]

  12. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m not a fan of Touhou but that Reimu Figma is the best figma they’ve made yet. If it were a regular release I’d definitely get her. But as it stands now it depends on how much extra it will cost me to get her from a deputy service. Also YAY Hiyori! I’m really fond of that one but Nel will probably end up outselling her hands down.

    • Guy says:

      I think the Nelliel figure will outsell Hiyori. A much more beloved character, well-endowed, half-dressed, sure. Even if that strip of fabric connecting the two parts of her “outfit” seems not so well done, and actually an additional part, and her hair’s a bit too blue.
      Even though Hiyori is the better figure, capturing the character-wise…

      Nel is a more beloved character, and Hiyori’s outfit IS boring, heh. So, yes ;)

      • lovelyduckie says:

        Character wise I do prefer Nel to Hiyori. Nel is the best thing to happen to Bleach since Kenpachi was introduced for me. But between the two figures it’s Hiyori all the way!

  13. enrius says:

    My local store is getting Reimu figma – Good news. Bad news is the price is definitely much higher since it is not a regular release. I like the figma so much that I’m torn between eating instant mee for a couple of weeks or try to hunt it down later… -_-

    • Guy says:

      Weird, the real question is if they can order it from distribution or not, because getting this figure is not that hard. The thing is, that if they have to pay full price for it, they have to charge you more in order to make money. Still no cause for it to end up more than $50, no way you cut it. More like $40.

  14. Tommy says:

    Hmm…I think I saw a Touhou figma on TokyoHunter’s ebay and it was going for $80. Ouch! Seriously? For a figma?

    I think the spider girl looks good, but the finish looks like crap. You can see rough edges and chunky bits on her hair in the promo shots…don’t want to think how the final product will look like.

    her heads looks improperly attached (WTF?)

    That’s why her hands are there…to re-adjust her head. :P

    • Guy says:

      This is the first Touhou figma, you’re probably thinking of the Reimu Nendoroid.

      As for the spider girl’s hair, I think there’s some darker hues, almost smudges on her hair, that’s as far as I’d go. Could be production-oil or something, but time will prove me right!

  15. mikiwank says:

    I’M TOO exciting by Reimu figma. I’ wait her anxiously !

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