Figure Friday – October 2nd-15th.

This is the weekly Figure Friday post, covering the figures released, announced and such during the past two weeks. There will be the best figures of the week and the worst, as well as news, delays, releases and re-stocks.

As always, click on the first picture to go to a site with more information on the figures, and the pictures after the description for the Flickr page (you must be logged in, due to some photos in the set being R18), where bigger photos can be had. As always, post is NOT entirely safe for work, be advised.

In personal news, felt crummy yesterday, thus no post, and tomorrow I’m beginning the final year of my B.A.!

Five Hot:


Touhou Project Hakurei Reimu figma 055 action figure by Max Factory

Touhou Project Hakurei Reimu figma 055 action figure by Max Factory

Best figma ever. The joints are not too noticeable behind the skirt, poseable, good quality looking. GREAT faces, and the drunk face is so priceless.
It’s a minor hassle to obtain; while not a limited edition, you have to order it from one of several stores that will sell it exclusively, so you’ll have to use some sort of deputy service, but it’s not a limited release, at least.
I am so getting it :D
January 2010, 140mm, 2,800 yen with tax.
Get her from NicoNico where you can also get the Reimu and Marisa nendoroids. Direct Reimu figma link.


 Follow the “more” tag to see the rest of the figures, again, not all safe for work.
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