Figure Friday Addendum – October 2nd-15th.

As promised in the main post, this post will cover the amazingly large number of news, re-stocks, delays and such that had occured within the span of the two weeks from the 2nd of October to the 15th.


  • MegaHouse’s Mega Hobby Expo 2009 autumn. I really liked the Gintama pucchi school setup, which sometimes appears in the series.
  • Tokyo Game Show 2009. Slightly too many figures from Square Enix of the upcoming FF XIII action figures, but I like the angel-winged girl and the samurai armour next to her.
  • Dengeki Character Festival 2009, wherein the Dengeki magazine characters are shown.
    • In part 1, we see many cute nendoroids, Black Rock Shooter with her cape off, and other neat figures recently announced.
    • Part 2 seems to have many HoiHoi based Plamos, some anime-painted cars, and some art, for the most part.
Read on to discover why this picture of my cat is here!

Read on to discover why this picture of my cat is here!

More news, restocks, etc. after the “More” tag!

  • Tamashi Nation Autumn 2009. A Bandai only event, centered mostly on upcoming figures, gunpla, and other plamos (Plastic models).
    • Part 1, in which I’m digging the Karen Gurren mashup and the other Code Geass mini Knightmare figures (some based on the chassis of that figure released often, sometimes with the horse-legs?), those golden idols, and disliking the Saint Cloth figures. Also, there are gunpla kits.
    • Part 2, which is great, where we see many scaled figures, magazine presents (I think Mari is such a figure), trading figures, and other things. A lot of adorable stuff, like childlike Asuka, Macross Frontier figures, etc.
    • Part 3, filled with Kamen Rioder(?), masks, gunpla, and of course, DBZ figures.
    • Part 4, focusing on robots. Some of the shots appeared in the other parts, but most did not.
  • 49th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Japan Show 2009. A show focusing on plastic models, but Nekomagic’s posts focused on the figures.
    • Part 1, focusing on WAVE and Aoshima (Mobip). Some really nice stuff, including unpainted and as far as I’ve seen not yet announced prototypes of figures, and some secret not yet announced figures are hinted at.
    • Part 2, focusing on Kotokubiya. More HoiHoi, some figures from the recent Figure Friday post, and more shots of the upcoming figure of Lynette from Strike Witches.
    • Part 3, dealing with other manufacturers. So, is that Inoue Orihime in the swimsuit? An assortment of figures, including some Poke’Mon too!
  • Treasure Festa in Ariake 2. I am only linking to the quick impressions post, because it also links to the other posts… Well, a lot of K-On figures, including nekomimi, Mio with a nice headset on, a couple Misaka Mikoto/Imouto figures, and a LOAD of others. A great post.


New Releases and Restocks:

 Delayed items: Taken from Kumo’s blog.

  • Black Rock Shooter, August> Mid November 2009 (second delay). Now that’s surprising a bit, even if the original delay was something I prognosticated.

And the cat? That’s Elliott, my cat. And the picture is “Fan-service” to all you loyal followers of my blog who also like cats, like Ducky :)
Shot is too bright, I know, but my cat just looks so tiger-esque and predatory here… taken when I was taking shots of Air for the review, which will be forthcoming.

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17 comments on “Figure Friday Addendum – October 2nd-15th.

  1. Reltair says:

    I need more money and space. Do not tempt me!

    Wow, nendo Saber Lily is in stock.

    • Guy says:

      My Nendoro Saber Lily is already shipped :) From HLJ.

      And “Figure Friday” posts might not be the best posts for those who truly want to not buy figures, unless they want to test their resolve..

  2. Otaku Dan says:

    I never knew that Black Rock Shooter was delayed. It is expected because that happens to be one of the most desired figure in a long time and GSC has to produce most.

  3. Hi Guy (guy?)

    there are so interesting matters here in wordpress.. one of them is what you see: my gravator! :-)
    yes, its same. I dunno how you found this cat head but I captured its full size from a blog that even the author didn’t know who’s the first OWNER

    so this icon belongs to which one of us? lol

    • Guy says:

      Guy’s my real name, from looking at your blog you could appreciate what it means, “Wadi”.

      And LOL, I looked at the dashboard, and thought there was no new reply, it took seeing the email of the comment to realize why the confusion came ;)

      I’ve seen this picture online since at least 2004. I have a whole folder for cat-pictures and icons, and this is one of the oldest I’ve had. Some sites required bigger photos, so googling for it was easy. I’ve seen people use it as avatars for so long, that it belongs to neither of us, but in the internet ;)

      • Radiant says:

        Interesting thing about that avatar. I’ve seen a few people with it already, so I end up confusing who’s who. Someone has an illustrated version of it looking very cool. Definitely a cool meme.

    • Guy says:

      Not exactly a meme, since we don’t replicate and spread it, heh.

      But yeah, it slowly seeps through the net.
      Would love to see the illustrated version if you have a link!

  4. kluxorious says:

    I would love to have that Gintama puchis!

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    YES! Cat fan-service is always welcome by me! I’m going to be doing a Pet/Halloween post soon because I enjoy teasing my cats and put them in a silly Haloween hat. They all look so ridiculously pissed in the pictures that it’s priceless.

  6. Optic says:

    I think I will be in Singapore that time when BRS get’s released. Well, if she’s available during my stay, there is no doubt I won’t be able to resist her. I have a feeling she will be selling like hotdogs there.

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