Custom Plush

My name is Ewen Cluney. (“Ewen” is pronounced like “Aaron” for reasons my parents have never adequately explained to me.) I’m a translator, gamer, and all-around anime fan and geek. When I decided I wanted to write reviews of the strange manga I’ve been reading, Guy and I agreed that Geekorner was a better fit than any of my own blogs, plus I already have too many of those. I’ll be posting up my first manga review pretty soon, but I wanted to start of with a self-introduction and a post about something hardly anyone else really knows about.

Hello gang, Guy here. Ewen will post on this blog now and then (basically when he feels like it, up to an entry a week – the first manga review is already written and waiting for publication!). Ewen and I go back several years, and what he doesn’t tell you is that he translates from Japanese to English, including having translated the Maid RPG, and official anime episodes. Ewen’s posts will also be posted under the “Ewen’s Corner” category. Treat him well!

My vices are frequently anime-related in general, though I don’t own too many figures on account of the ones I already have take up too much space. (Though I do have the sukimizu/nekomimi Nono Nekomiya figure.) Instead I’ve made commissioning art of my mascot character (or OC if you prefer), Kurumi, into a comparable financial sinkhole. I periodically commission artwork online (mainly through DeviantArt), and I usually take reference pictures of her with me to any convention I attend where there are lots of artists. (This year I got four at WonderCon and five at FanimeCon.) It’s probably kind of creepy to some people, but apart from its effect on my bank account I’m quite unrepentant about it.

This time around I want to write a bit about the custom plushies I’ve gotten.

Left to right, Octavia, Kurumi, and Maya, all by Squisherific.

Left to right, Octavia, Kurumi, and Maya, all by Squisherific.

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