Gatchaman Crowds Project Kick-Off!


Those who follow the blog long enough know that Gatchaman Crowds holds a special place in my heart. After Gatchaman Crowds finished airing in late 2013, I wrote down a series of ideas I want to do small write-ups on, focusing on each character as a mask. Somehow, I never got around to it. Enter 2015, where we finally find out that Gatchaman Crowds Insight, a follow-up series, is about to air. I set aside the time to rewatch the original, finally write all my posts on it, and then watch the second season, without the second season impacting my write-ups on the first. Somehow, after rewatching half the series I got distracted, and only got around to watching the second season after it finished airing, but not before I made the time to rewatch the first series in its entirety.

I also finally took the time to write all those small essays on the first season, where I take each character as a “mask” and through said character and their mask explore both the series and the human experience. As a result of all of the above, I found myself with tens of thousands of words written about Gatchaman Crowds. Rewatch short-notes, full-episode break-downs, proper short essays, long essays, the whole thing. I’ve been sitting on all of these words since February, unable to get myself to publish them. I did want the final piece to come out on November 8th, because seeing how Gatchaman Crowds Insight revolves around elections, I thought it’d be very appropriate. But between moodiness and illness lately, that will not come to pass.

I want to do this right. This show is important to me. These write-ups are important to me.

As such, there’ll be a write-up every single day from tomorrow (October 30th), through November 22nd, according to the schedule posted here, in the page that’ll collect the entirety of my Gatchaman Crowds write-ups, and then the final write-up will be released a week later, on November 29th, my birthday.

Gatchaman Crowds Anime episode 12 - Ichinose Hajime bids us farewell

Cya all tomorrow!

I hope you’ll all join me on this journey, at least for the parts that interest you. It’s fine to pick and choose, just as Hajime would tell you, do what’s fun :)

Top Nine Anime Series of 2015

Another year has come to an end, and with it a bevvy of shows, of which I’ve sampled over 40, and finished about half of these. Not as good as past years, but there were a couple of pretty underwhelming seasons this year. You’ll note there are 9 shows in this post, not ten. I’ve decided to go back to my 2013’s list method, and have as many shows as I think deserve being on the list, be it 3 or 13. And this year has 9 such shows, for me. There’d be “Notable Absentees” and “Honourable Mentions” at the end of the post, so if you don’t see a show, keep on reading!

Only full series had been considered, no OVAs or movies of any sort. The names link to the show’s description and information on My Anime List (MAL).

9. Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium)

Hibike! Euphonium / Sound! Euphonium anime episode 11 - Kousaka Reina and Oumae Kumiko look into one another's eyes - Top anime shows of 2015

Euphonium is not a perfect show, which you can tell from its position on the list, but it’s still good enough to make the list. Ironically, even though it’s not a split-cour show, it feels more like half of a grander show than actual split-cour shows I’ve watched this past year. It tells a small and coherent dramatic story, while hinting at much more to come. Its characters, of which there are many, range between fully-realized to not fleshed out sufficiently yet, but they feel real, and they, and the show, carry the charm of the so-called “KyoAni Mastery of Small Moments.” The show had several highlights, and was consistently good after its first arc. Recommended, but I’d recommend waiting for the 2nd season, myself.

You can read my editorial on the show and its ensemble nature here.

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Summer 2015 Anime Season Preview and Expectations

There’s a week until the Summer 2015 season begins in earnest, so it’s time to put behind us this underwhelming Spring season in order to clear the plate for new and exciting shows! Wait, I’m only excited for 4 shows, and half of those are returning or continuing shows? Welp. Well, let us see what’s what.

As always, in these posts I cover shows I plan to follow, or have thoughts on why I will not follow them, or considered following and decided not to. As always, I try to strike a balance between giving you enough information on the show, and telling you why I think it is or isn’t worth watching. Shows ordered by day, and by expectation within the day, as that affects pick status. The “Almost In” category returns, describing shows that I’d pick up in prior seasons, but decided to put aside in order to make more time for backlog, after growing unhappy with how many of the shows I pick up ending up “not worth the time”, let alone “good”.

Most of the information about the shows can be had from the helpful Neregate Chart, and what I’ve happened to see on various sites, such as The Cart Driver. Check them out if you want more information, or information on shows I didn’t cover (such as follow-ups to shows I don’t watch).


Almost In:

God Eater animeGod Eater – Shows (and films) based on video games almost always suck. The more of a storyline the game has, the worse it usually is. Exceptions, such as last year’s Rage of Bahamut: Genesis exist, but they’re few and far between, and atrocities such as the BlazBlue show are much more common. God Eater is a Monster Hunter clone, so expect team dynamics in the face of monsters to be the draw, which is a pretty standard fare as far as anime goes.

The stand-out aspect here is that this is made by Ufotable, who make really pretty shows, and that the voice acting talent is pretty respectable. Hirao Takayuki, the director, is the man behind the best regarded Kara no Kyoukai (Garden of Sinners) film, the 5th, Paradox Spiral. The art-style in the preview is interesting, somewhere between CGI and water-colours, of all things. The faces seem not very expressive, and while it is definitely interesting, it reminds me more of indie video games, or short flash animation. Dunno.
Interest Rating: 1/3. It’s likely to be really pretty, but as Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works has shown, pretty is not enough. And hey, if this ends up being surprisingly good, as has happened with Bahamut, I’m sure people will let me know and I’ll pick it up.
Airing Date: July 5th. Preview.

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