Zankyou no Terror Episode 7 Notes – Hard Choices, Obvious Decisions

(Note: Episodic notes are still mostly to be found on the Episodics Notes’ page. For those who don’t know, I take the notes as I watch the episode, and merely re-order them afterwards.)

Two weeks ago we’ve had the best episode of the series to date, full of smart writing, showing how everything’s connected, and addressing the appearance of both plot elements and scenes. Sadly, last week might have been the show’s weakest episode to date. It wasn’t terrible, or “randomly bad”, but it was an intermission episode, which is what you get when you try to stuff 10 minutes’ worth of content into 20 minutes

Why did they do it? So that this week’s episode would get to start with a bang, and get to continue full-steam ahead, without the episode-break coming at an inopportune time. Well, let’s see how they managed. I expect a pretty brisk episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Adult Problems – Kept in the Dark:

Zankyou no Terror / Terror of Resonance anime episode 7 notes - Shibazaki Kenjirou

1) Considering that my biggest complaint with last episode is how much of it felt stretched, that up to 4:12 minutes into this episode it’s all content from last episode aside from the OP feels like adding insult to injury. You make that content take even more time, eh? Well, I guess it fits with how they need all of the content shown to fit into one episode, and were wary of splitting it up. Show me what you’ve got, show-makers.

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Summer 2014 Anime Season Weeks 6-7

Because last week I’ve covered the mid-season, this week the post will cover the last two weeks’ worth of episodes. The order will be arbitrary.

Weekly impressions for Akame ga Kill!, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure , Sword Art Online II,  Tokyo Ghoul, and Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) (Also, Avatar: The Legend of Korra).

Barakamon Episodes 6-7:

Barakamon anime episodes 6-7 overview

Pretty great stuff. This dealt with the search for the top, and with how precocious people can be so annoying to deal with, especially when you used to be one yourself, and you see in them how annoying you used to be – eager to challenge and chase everyone.

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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 7 Notes – Inaho’s Choice

So, Slaine made his escape, and came to aid our humans, and Asseylum. Is this going to be ye olde Gundam-esque “Two villains who don’t get along” meeting, a-la most such series ever? Except where will the disagreement stem from here? They’re both humans, they both want the war to end, and to protect Asseylum.

Well, we also have the brewing trouble within Marito’s soul and how Magbaredge thinks he’s to blame for something(might be his giving up on hope), and the Martian invasion, and stuff.

Screenshot album.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Past Events:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 7 notes - Martian Justice

1) Everything revolves around Orange-kun (Code Geass!)! The princess, and both the defeated Martians. In Orange-kun we trust.

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Zankyou no Terror Episode 6 Notes – An Uneven Playing Field

(Note: Episodic notes are still mostly to be found on the Episodics Notes’ page. For those who don’t know, I take the notes as I watch the episode, and merely re-order them afterwards.)

So, last episode was in my opinion the best episode in the show, and it didn’t even have to do with plot, as much as it was with how deftly the writing handled everything – mention a complication, so we in the audience can think of what it means, and then the characters discuss it. Question why certain scenes keep appearing aside from for the sake of procedural drama (such as the briefing in the police), and then we’re given a reason, so we’d see the chief get pulled outside for clandestine dealings.

Why do we keep getting riddles, they don’t seem to be the real deal – and just when we’re about to tire of them, we see the characters mention they are indeed not the real deal, and what the real riddle is.

And of course, on the plot-level, we get another rival to Nine and Twelve, and just like Shibazaki, the rival is defined not by differing from them, but by being similar to them, in a true suspense-thriller fashion. The stakes are raised, and the past, always the past, looms overhead, as is always true for Greek tragedies.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Loops and Ladders, Winners and Losers:

Zankyou no Terror / Terror of Resonance anime episode 6 notes - Five likes playing

1) The chief of police is also kept out of the loop. This is political, now. Continue reading

Summer 2014 Anime Midseason Overview

Mid-season of the anime season of Summer 2014 is upon us, so time to round up how I feel about the shows I’m current on, or decided to put on hold. A round-up telling you what I think is worthy of your time, or not, and where it’s at.

Tiers are in-order of enjoyment/evaluation. Within each tier the order is alphabetical.



Barakamon Summer 2014 anime midseason overview

Barakamon is a light show. It makes me chuckle. It has good actors, and good chemistry between the actors and characters. There’s nothing “special” about it, except for Naru’s character, perhaps. A child, a bundle of energy, who is actually voiced by a young girl and brings to the series an infectious amount of energy.

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Journey with Kino’s Journey Day 4 – Passing Suffering Onward

Welcome to the third day of watching an episode of Kino’s Journey, talking about it, and talking about things related to it. This time the focus is what it means to be an adult, and how we all form up a society, about rites of passage, and “sharing the burden”.

Episode 4 – “Land of Adults -Natural Right-“

Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World / Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World episode 4 editorial

When this episode started I wasn’t sure what I’d write of. Young Kino was a cute little girl in a dress, oh there’s an ominous castle above her village, ah, no problem, it’s just a hospital. And then we’ve had some idle musings on the nature of adults and adult-life as seen through the eyes of a child. Nothing much, nothing fancy. And then, out of nowhere, Harrison Bergeron! BAM!

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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 6 Notes – The March of Irony

Last episode had: Marito is feeling guilt about surviving and his mini-arc about the uselessness of “honour” continues. Slaine is now known by the schemers to be someone who needs to be removed. Inaho saves the day once more, naturally. And yes, the Emperor stopped the war, sent a fact-finding mission, then reinstated the war without any seeming change in the facts at hand. Something seems fishy here. I suspect there’s something going on with the emperor.

What’s going to happen now, both in terms of plot and themes? I’m not sure, and there’s only one way to find out.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) The Conquerors’ “Magnanimity”, And On Irony:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 6 notes - Emperor Rayregalia Vers Rayvers declares war

1) “Today, the Vers Empire declares war upon the Earth!” – This brings to mind one of my favourite flavour texts from Magic: the Gathering, from the card titled ‘Reparations’, “Sorry I burned down your village. Here’s some gold.” And if the Emperor hadn’t declared war, what would they have done about all the millions killed in the initial assault? Always easier to keep pressing forward, so you wouldn’t have to look back on what you’ve done…

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