Guy is Back, Back Again. Guy is Back, Tell a Friend.

I don’t know whether you guys missed me or my writing, but I missed both: Both writing, and engaging more with you lot, and having some form to have longer form anime discussions.

Without Me - Enimem - Crossed with Limecat

Wait, I seem to have gotten ahead of myself. In case you hadn’t noticed, this blog suddenly grew extremely inactive towards the end of May 2016. Sadly, in case you hadn’t been following my Twitter, or hadn’t noticed, I was basically out of commission due to a chronic illness flaring up around that time. While the last couple of times this blog has gone on hiatus had been due to me getting sucked into video games or just taking a break from anime, this was not such an occasion, and while I kept wanting to both watch anime and blog, I could do very little of either. I actually started and did work on a couple of anime season previews that hadn’t gone up.

Anyway, I’ve been getting considerably better since early October, and while I’ve slowly been watching more anime again (but certainly not enough to put up a “Top shows of 2017” list or participate in the “12 days of anime”), I kept postponing this post. Thinking and making plans, trying to jump straight on it while I may not be ready. Well, no time like the present, right?

So, I’m back, and you should expect the upcoming season preview to go up next Tuesday. A post on Netoju no Susume (Recovery of an MMO Junkie) should go up around next Thursday or Friday. After that? I’m probably going to go for slightly less posts than in the past, but I’m going to try and make sure each post is of the sort that I find myself linking people to 3-4 years down the line, that fills me with pride over having written it.

I also want to outline the shows that I want to return to, most of them alongside posts. Both as a promise to those readers who have eagerly been awaiting some of them for years, and for myself, because I need to close some of those “open loops” to not feel guilty over not finishing them, and more important, because I like these shows. Oh yeah, I also updated the “Donation” data at the sidebar, and though money is extremely tight for me right now, one of the things incentivizing my return to writing is that I’ve found a platform that will hopefully provide some monetary compensation for the writing I’m doing. Whatever, writing is getting done, and that’s making me happier.


Gatchaman Crowds Insight – including the final piece. Most of this had been written or plotted out, but I’m going to wait for the end of January, after the new season craze goes up to finally share it. I also had most of the final piece plotted in my mind, but then I got much worse around August and it went away.

Princess Tutu – I watched most of the show, but I’m gonna rewatch it. This show is a masterpiece. There are some notes that need to be shared for it as well.

Ergo Proxy – Watched half of the show twice. There are small post-episode write-ups to be shared.

Kara no Kyoukai / The Garden of Sinners – I think one of the reasons I put that on hold was how much time and effort went into covering each 45 minute segment, and fearing what covering the long movie at #5 (I think) would do to me, but I like that series of posts, so it’ll happen.

Concrete Revolutio – I really like this show. I really like my write-ups for it. Sadly my illness took me just as the show was nearing completion. Couldn’t it have at least waited for the season to end? Sheesh. But this is coming, alongside full write-ups. It’ll take a while, but it’ll happen.

Kino’s Journey (Original Series) – I did big, big write-ups on the first 4 episodes of the show. They took a lot out of me, each one took basically a full day’s time and energy, as I went full philosophy write-up on them. I plan to repost those 4, and then cover the rest of the original anime. I plan to post one post in the series a month, starting this January. This should also give me enough time to get through the other episodes. I really like the discussion and the write-ups I generated, and want to do them justice, while also taking care of myself.

Zankyou no Terror / Mekakucity Actors / Sora no Woto / Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches /And a few more – I just left a bunch of shows up with 1-2 episodes left over. I’ll likely marathon them up to the point where I left them, then finish them. A bunch of those have had write-ups up to this point, I’m actually not going to promise them for the remaining episode, but I might do something shorter. One of the big reasons I fall behind on shows is that I start covering them, then fall behind, and need to find time to catch up, and then I need to find time to catch up on 2 episodes, and as it keeps growing, it becomes harder and harder to find the time.

Also, expect a few more non-anime related write-ups, I’ve gotten through a lot of other media over time and would like to talk about some of it. That’s what the blog is for, after all.

Do keep in mind, I still find myself sleeping 10+ hours a day on my days off work, must find time to work on my thesis, and suffer from frequent migraines and listlessness, so I hope you lot will be patient with me as we embark on the next leg of the journey together.

8 comments on “Guy is Back, Back Again. Guy is Back, Tell a Friend.

  1. Sephyxer says:

    That’s a lot of stuff to look forward to! I sure am interested in reading all of them, maybe it’s also time to rewatch some of the old stuff like Gatchaman Crowds and even Concrete Revolutio, which I basically stopped watching together with the last post you made on it ahah. Kino no Tabi sure is intriguing too, I gotta say that its newest season made me more nostalgic for what it was before, the feel is really different and revisiting it now that some time passed might make me discover new things.

    Anyways it’s great to read this, recovery is always hard so take it easy on yourself! I’m looking forward to everything you’re gonna post next, but as for now welcome back Guy!

    • Guy says:

      :) Good to have your continued support!

      Just a reminder that I outlined a lot of stuff, and some of it may yet take months to produce, but I’m dedicated to producing it.

      And well, let’s hope Concrete Revolutio picks up where it stopped, though I will probably have to re-read all my old posts on it to bring me back up into mood with it. I don’t feel I need to rewatch it though, maybe an episode or two.

      And rewatching Gatchaman Crowds is always good. Any excuse for that is fine by me ;-)

      And yeah, “Watching new Kino makes me nostalgic for the old” sure is something I’ve heard a lot.

  2. lifesongsoa says:

    Welcome back :)

    I’m looking forward to your Kino write-ups. I might have to revisit the old series and follow along.

    • Guy says:

      I actually thought of it. The monthly setup will certainly allow more people to watch along. I think having it as sort of a “book-club” could be neat. And yes, book club is fitting what I have in mind more than an anime rewatch club.

  3. Sejin says:

    Welcome back! It’s great to hear that you’ve started to feel better! :)

  4. Artemis says:

    I only read my Twitter feed once in a blue moon (if that), especially since the vast majority of my own Tweets are automated, so I only knew that you disappeared and figured you had other stuff going on. So welcome back, wishing you a healthier 2018, and looking forward to your future posts!

    • Guy says:

      But leaving my ConRevo write-ups so close to done? Never!

      More seriously, thank you for the well wishes, and may you have a great year as well :) I sometimes thought of you and some others of my aniblogging cohort. Missed you all :<

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