Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 6 Notes

May 11th, 2014.

Friends and Family.

So, Saki had inserted herself into our little group, and while Hase might not be entirely pleased with the new situation, it’s as if she’d always been here. Considering Fujimiya’s situation, that may as well be the case.

But now Fujimiya is making friends, or at least pleasant acquaintances with the whole class, and this episode will be about meeting her mother? Fun times! Sad times! Fun sad times!

(Some screenshots didn’t make it into the piece, you can see the album here.)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) “Alone With a Girl?! YAY!”

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 6 anime notes  - Hase Yuki and Kiryu Shogo

1) Here you can see the difference between Hase and Fujimiya. Fujimiya invited a friend to her house to help him with his studies. Hase can only hear how he’s been invited to a girl‘s house, and the one he has a crush on! Shogo was a bit surprised as well, but pretty quickly his focus is on Hase’s over-reaction.

Fujimiya, even with her unique situation, is still a “normal person”, unlike Hase, so she can’t understand why Hase is acting so strangely :P Hase, we like you, but you’re so awkward. Or is it, “Hase, you’re so awkward, but we like you”?

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be alone in her room together!” – And look how happy he seems, because in his mind they’re hooking up, and she’s confessing her eternal love to him. Man. As Shogo puts it, he’s not going to do anything to her, so why is it a bad idea? It’s only a bad idea were he to do anything. Hase spends too much time inside his head, daydreaming. I guess it’s to balance Fujimiya who must live outside her head, hue. I still can’t get over how dorky Hase is here.

2) This procession is perfect. Fujimiya is happy her friends are coming over. Saki is happy to be with Fujimiya. Hase, after trying to convince Shogo to come, is sad he won’t be going alone (he knew Shogo will say no, but all too often he does tag along), and poor Shogo. You know the term “Friends with benefits”? To Shogo, it’s one big hassle. But he still comes along. No one likes being lonely. Not even Shogo.

3) I guess this is the first time Fujimiya brought friends over. Her mother is so earnest, she reminds me of Hase.

2) Saki is Progress; Shogo Suffers:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 6 anime notes  - Yamagishi Saki is torturing Kiryu Shogo

1) “I ate, so now I must nap.” – Saki is such a kid. Yes, Fujimiya is her mother, but who’s her father? :P Hase doesn’t strike me as responsible enough. Guess it’ll have to be poor Shogo, once again.

Is this a deja-vu? Fujimiya looking to Shogo for help, but none is forthcoming. Shogo isn’t Fujimiya’s friend, so when she needs someone to give her advice, she doesn’t know what to do. She’s somewhat afraid of him, and he’s her friend’s friend. Hm, it’s not looking to him for help, she is left alone with him, figuratively speaking, and she doesn’t know what to talk to him about – Saki and Hase had approached her. Fujimiya has no idea how to start a conversation with someone.

2) Being Shogo is suffering. The moment Hase sees Fujimiya down he assumes Shogo is to blame, and Shogo didn’t even want to come :P

3) Look at their faces! Especially Saki’s. Saki seems dreamily and out of touch with reality, but ignoring reality enables her to proceed full-steam ahead, when she sees something she wants to happen. Ignoring all opposition as if it isn’t there.

Smile Shogo, smile. Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t seem to be enjoying this situation. It’s as if Saki is a character from K-On!, while Shogo is from OreGairu. No wonder they’re polar opposites.

4) Shogo is a sane person, in a land full of people with weird ideas about reality and society. “I hope one day we’ll be friends.” – “Girl, I’ve been spending countless hours with you, almost every day, what do you mean, “some day” we’ll be friends? Dayum!”

3) Relaxing, Together:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 6 anime notes  - Fujimiya Shiho

1) This show has such a relaxing atmosphere. It has to be the cheeks, I’m telling you guys.

2) Dammit, show, you keep showering me with the best sunset shots.

3) Yup! So her mother does know. I did think it wouldn’t make any sense otherwise, especially with the looks she had given her before when she returned home, now and then.

4) Young Kaori is too cute for me. I’m melting. :3

5) Progress to the future! – “Regretting the past won’t solve anything.” – Guess Kaori’s mother is indeed happy some kids are dragging her daughter along on the road to socialization again.

Speaking of “progress” – “Have you held hands yet?” – :D This mother wants progress, Hase! Don’t disappoint her!

6) “What can I do?” – Hase asks himself. Hase wants to do? No, Hase wants to be. To be Fujimiya’s friend, to be her boyfriend. To be with her. And that is also what he needs to do. I’d say “Stop trying to make things happen”, but hey, it works for Saki – but it’s because she too is only being herself.

7) Best coupleBest couple ;_;

Post Episode Thoughts:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 6 anime notes  - Young Fujimiya Kaori

I don’t have anything special to say. I just enjoyed this episode a whole lot, again. Shogo is suffering though, being made to change, dragged out of his comfort zone, accused of being a meanie, heh. Yes, just like Fujimiya, he has problems making friends, and saying how he feels.

Don’t worry though, Saki and Hase-kun will force everyone to open up.

That was a nice mother.

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