Gin no Saji S2 Episode 1 Notes

January 12th, 2014.

The Gang is Back

Ok, read my notes for episode 11 of S1 to be prepared. This isn’t really a “second season”, it’s a 2-cour show split in half, and boy am I read. Check my review of the show, I gave it 8.6/10.

Also, this time I got to it late, but I plan to do post-episode notes for this show. Thursday is madness.

Thoughts and Notes:

1.) Back in the Saddle:

Gin no Saji 2nd season / Silver Spoon 2nd season episode 1 anime Holstein club

  1. 4 AM, and that music, here we go again!
  2. “Thanks for the food” feels a bit different here, since they actually worked for it.
  3. Out of context, Hachiken looks very cool, in context, he’s dumbstruck. Mikage is looking for a bra. A bra! – I actually chuckled at how long they kept this shot up.
  4. “Oh, the cow porn magazine.” – I love how cavalier he is about it, how he doesn’t bat an eye any longer. If you’re curious, it’s an official magazine comparing cows :P But, this sequence is also a good exploration of the show in general – Hachiken begins doing something, then he ends up elsewhere, learning more about the joys of agriculture, and all the different subcultures within it. We’ve been looking for a bra, but now we’re learning about cattle shows.
  5. Oh, a cow-bra. I can feel your pain, Hachiken. Also, LOL, TIL cows have bras.
  6. Hm, I wonder what’s up.

2) Emotions Run High:

Gin no Saji 2nd season / Silver Spoon 2nd season episode 1 anime Mikage crying

  1. Well, they’re working really hard to make us think Mikage and Komaba are getting married, but we’re all far too cynical to buy that, right? Especially when they sell it this hard. Let’s see what’s up.
  2. Hachiken, you don’t stand right behind a guy peeing at a urinal… Manners, boy! I thought you’ve come from the city.
  3. “Is this jealousy? No! I’m just worried about Mikage! No, wait, if I’m worried about her it must mean I like her and have ulterior motives…” – Heh, and wrong. Well, you do have feelings for her, but it’s not that far-fetched to worry about someone, and even have “feelings” without it being ulterior motives, or romantic. You can have female friends too, Hachiken-kun.
  4. Somehow there’s always something that makes me laugh at the very physical humor associated with baseball in anime. The power of sushi compels you!

OP – It was silly, it made me chuckle. I don’t know how anyone could watch this OP without a silly and happy grin plastered all over their face.

ED – More energy. Makes you want to tap your foot or clap along.

Post Episode Notes:

Yeah, this show had been missed.

Many moments to smile about, old friends, not so crazy hijinks, learning how things work (cow-bras!).

Seems the issue of dreams and goals is still a main issue, the main issue, and Hachiken continues to learn how to talk to others.

Him becoming the vice president of the club was actually very well done, it makes you appreciate how easy it is to manipulate someone – tell them how they’re easy to approach, and how everyone likes them, and not only do you puff up their self-esteem and make them want to do the role, but after you tell them that, how will they turn you down? Also, note the juxtaposition, on one hand Hachiken is supposedly someone simple to read and talk to, but people also keep commenting on how deeply he thinks of issues.

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