Shitposting – The Defense Mechanism of Lonely Geeks (And Corporation Co-opting)

Shitposting, it’s hard to define, and we shrug it off by “You’ll know it when you see it,” a form of communication that is becoming inescapable around message boards, Twitter, and chat-rooms. It’s basically memes responding to memes, which have been fermented in the noxious gases of Twitch chat. But are they a form of communication? Are they a form of humor? What are they there for, and how are they misused? I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of shitposting and memes, and never have been, so I’ve spent quite some time from my perch, looking at everyone running amuck in the communities I frequent, trying to understand why people do it, and what purpose it serves.

Jessica Jones Episode 8 - Kilgrave on worthless trash

Well, as Hajime of Gatchaman Crowds had so aptly put it, people won’t stop doing what they’re doing if they’re having fun, but there must be some specific need this addresses, and that’s what I’m going to think over, and also how it’s being co-opted by outside forces.

(Note, the post’s previous title was “Shitposting Lonely Geeks, and The Corporations That Take Advantage of Them”, but corporations aren’t the focus of this piece, but how shitposting is closely-related to loneliness and in-jokes. So it was changed to reflect that better.)

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10k Views Milestone. Also, Twitter-tastic.

Greetings and Salutations, loyal readers, and new visitors. I am aware that Figure Friday did not go up on schedule, and for that I am sorry. I have no real excuse, but merely would state that I’d been feeling out of it for several days, somewhat a combination of sleep deprivation and weather (going from one extreme to the other, and back again). It’d go up when I feel like making it, and we’ll all hope that’d be soon!

Geekorner fanart

Jake Richmond sends his wishes. Figures and miniatures :)

Anyway, this blog post is here to commemorate, and perhaps celebrate, the occasion of this blog passing 10,000 views (or rather, 10,087), which happened somewhere along early Thursday, and much earlier than I’d originally planned.

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