No Game, No Life Episode 12 (Finale!) Notes – Losing is Fun, Together!

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Here we are, at the season finale. Not the series finale, because obviously the two siblings will keep going until they rule the world and challenge Tet. What will happen then? Blank never loses, but the question is what they will ask for, what will be “victory”.

Here we are at a small juncture, where Blank must win to save humanity, but this victory is will displace the Werebeasts, what they feared done to them, they will do unto others? Leave them at a position where they can be decimated? That doesn’t sound to me like what will happen.

To me the real narrative question of interest at this point isn’t whether they’d win (because they will) or even howthey’d win, as this show is nice, but it’s not as clever as it thinks it is – but what they will do after they win. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d ruffle Izuna’s hair and go “This was fun, wasn’t it?” – But the real issue is with the leader of the Werebeasts, still hiding in the shadows.

Let’s get to it.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Having Fun With Friends:

No Game, No Life episode 12 (finale!) anime notes - Hatsuse Izuna goes full beast

1) The siblings apparently didn’t calculate for Izuna going all-out, though it is what they wished for! Must keep the tension going, to keep the appearances of the siblings always being on the verge of defeat and having to come up with “new” solutions, only to later show us it’s all been planned from the start. It’s a fine balance to maintain.

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