[Music Monday] Blog Revival – A Brave New World (War of the Worlds)

Well, it’s time for this blog to return to life. I’ve wanted to make the return post on a Monday, and the first day of a month. So while this is April 1st, it’s not an April’s Fools Day post. This post is the official resurrection post for this blog, and unlike the last time I have a plan this time, to allow me to get things rolling and keep them rolling.

But first, Music Monday dictates, so a song:

I think this is a good song to get you pumped up and ready in the mood to keep on striving, it sure does that for me (even if I couldn’t find the version I wanted for you guys). I’ve been a huge fan of Jeff Wayne‘s The War of the Worlds ever since I’ve first heard it, back in the 4th grade. Originally a musical style disc from 1978, which is hard to guess from the sound of the music, based on H.G. Wells‘ novel from 1897.

The most well known piece and the blog-resurrection parts after the jump.
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Music: The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Well, I must say that I’m fairly disappointed in you guys, especially those of you who come from the Western Hemisphere, even moreso from those of you who come from, say, the USA, for not knowing, and if you do know, not mentioning this video, while mentioning the Touhou Bad Apple video (now with subtitles!).
(And why, yes, an actual Music Monday on Monday ;))

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?” is very much a geek video, and it also looks good. It uses stop-motion, which makes it look classy in some bits, a bit hokey in others, but quite stylized all the same. Personally, I didn’t like the stop-motion too much in Bad Apple, because with the shadows it broke the fluidity a bit much, but here it works.

For those who do not know, the video shows the people who make up the cast of the online series The Guild as their characters, for they happen to play in World of Warcraft. Felicia Day who wrote it is an avid gamer, and those who watch The Guild or listen to the lyrics of the song can quite easily tell there’s “insider knowledge” of the game, so it’s “legit”, so to speak.
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Star of County Down; Music “Monday”.

Seeing how few entries got posted between last Figure Friday and the next one (hopefully today’s), which was the same thing last week, I decided to write this short post, and not to let the fact that it’s not, well, Monday, stop me.
I actually have quite a few posts planned, but with the combination of the onset of winter (and before that scalding heat), and the return of school, it’ll take me a bit of time to find the energy to get back to rolling out more entries.

The Star of County Down is an irish folk ballad, written somewhere in the 19th century, which I like quite a lot. I came across this song one day while surfing irish and celtic music on YouTube (I have quite an ecclectic taste in music, and a penchant for irish and celtic music), and it had struck me as quite… familiar. I’ll let you listen to my favourite version of the song, by the Irish Rovers, who have some very nice renditions of Irish classic songs (and some others, such as “Farewell to Nova Scotia“).

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