Kill la Kill Episode 13 Notes – Clothes Are Original Sin – A Light to Blind, And Covers to Bind

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So, the mask is partly off, Ryuko knows Satsuki plans on conquering everyone and had used her to advance her goals, Satsuki knows her mother knows of her schemes, and we know Satsuki is actually not as antagonistic and uninterested in Ryuko’s well-being as it might appear on the very superficial surface. Let us see where they take it from here – I mean, aside from on a school trip ;-)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) The School Goes to War:

1) Yup, this looks like a military encampment, or a national parade.

2) “There is no shame in your defeat, it is merely a rite of passage.” – Ah, this is almost Newspeak and Doublethink – you might be ousted for defeat, or it is only something to make you stronger, all according to the whims of the supreme ruler. As she says, now she is looking forward to their maturation as commanders, but just now we’ve covered that maturation requires defeat, but will you tolerate defeat, Satsuki? And as always, defeat is only worthwhile if you come out of it tempered, not if you are so brittle as to be shattered by it.

3) More military, the leader surveying the troops, with a proper march at the background.

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