Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2 – No Adults Allowed on this Ride

Before anything else, I want to make it clear that I had a lot of fun watching the last episode of Kabaneri, as well as the first. It’s propulsive, and full of funny moments. Are all of them supposed to be funny to me? I doubt it, but some are, and I’m never laughing at the show too hard. And yet, I’m going to focus on some of the things I did not like, because the things I do like are mostly about pacing and direction and general atmosphere, or just the very subjective feeling of fun I’ve had. There’s not a lot of words for me to say about it other than to just say it is so. But when it comes to the episode’s writing, and some meta-concerns related to that, which I liked considerably less, I actually have a lot of words to say. So, keep in mind that I’m enjoying the show as you read what is to follow.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri anime / Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anime episode 2 - Ikoma wants people to see him prove himself

Somewhere between the two, Ikoma and Takumi are such dorks. Such fun goofballs. Hollering and clasping over their successes. No, it’s not funny that they do, but how they do it is almost straight out of a shounen manga. But from that we go onto just how dumb Ikoma is sometime. Or rather than dumb, he does things without relaly thinking them through. Last week we had him cutting his hand to draw the Kabane without thinking through of how it’d hurt, and let’s not return to the auto-asphyxiation scene.

(Though this piece uses Kabaneri’s second episode as its focus, it also shares some ideas I have about how a certain brand of anime deals with its ideas. The “GrimDark “”Seinen”” shows.)

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 1 – Philosophical Derailment and Off the Track Beauty.

Themes / Story:

Look, before we actually get to the themes and story, I have to get this off my chest. I was a medic in the military for three years. If you get poison in your blood, a tourniquet won’t work. Don’t do that. And most certainly don’t ever think, “I need to stop it from reaching my brain! I’ll just stop all the blood to my brain!” Cause then you don’t get oxygen and you die. And if you do get oxygen, then you’re not stopping shit. It sort of hurt when the show went for “This isn’t a curse! This is science!” And then went so unscientific about it.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri anime / Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anime episode 1 - Ikoma and cowardice

Also, this scene was friggin’ hilarious. I haven’t laughed at any of the comedies I’ve watched this season as much as I did at this. Speaking of this moment, it really did serve well, as several other examples, of showing how our main character doesn’t think things through – yes, we’re presented as if his case is heroic and those he rails against are cowards (who ostensibly are so harsh to protect everyone, but then run away to protect themselves and not their charges), but they do have a point, and he does rush into things non-stop without thinking of the ramifications. So at least that aspect of his character was consistent in presentation.

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