Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 6 – Action, Interrupted

Mini-editorial, covering some points, one at a time. No episodic notes, but a bunch of editorial notes.

Full Title: How I Tried to Enjoy an Episode of Mahouka for Dumb Fun, To Find a Lot of Dumb and Too Little Fun ;_;

Or:¬†Action Came, Wasn’t Good.

Pre-Episode Hopes:

Woohoo! Action! The reason I’m actually watching this show. And to think I picked it up hoping it’d just be a light popcorn show with no real subtext or anything ;-) Twitter already told me that as I suspected (and feared) last episode, this episode won’t finish the Enrollment chapter.

It actually makes sense – all of the pieces they set up thus far, you need fights fueled by ideology to settle things. That’s how fights in such shows go – they’re not fights where the strongest person wins, but the one where the one with the ideological belief that is “right” wins. Well, it works in most shounens, where our heroes use the power of “Friendship!” to fuel their punches and overcome stronger odds.

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