Header and Blogroll.

I’m going to postpone the Kannagi post, probably to tomorrow, perhaps to tonight, we’ll see, and instead talk a bit about this blog :)

I’ll begin with the “Blogroll policy”. As you can see, I’ve yet to add a single link to my blogroll, and while I follow several blogs, I don’t link to them yet. This blog isn’t mono-focused on anime, and I fear anime/figure links will overflow.
I am also not always comfortable with a “Link Exchange” as a policy, so I’ll say this simply: If you think my blog is worth linking to it, link to it (and let me know). If I think your blog is worth linking to, I might link to it, I might start another page for the blogroll, we’ll see, and I’ll let you know – without expecting you to recirprocate or getting hurt if you don’t.

Links are an act on the part of the one providing the link; and the “Reciprocacity of Links” makes it feel weird; if you don’t want to link back to me, do I then stop linking to you? Only if you’re a big name like Danny Choo?
I will provide links, I’m undecided on when yet. I think the main site will only link to big and somewhat impersonal pages, with the endless list of blogs getting their own page, where I could also describe the links and categorize them in a manner that will leave me content.

Anyway, you might notice that my blog has a new header, and it took over 6 hours to get to the final version you see above, so now we’ll discuss its various incarnations and some of the work done on it.

The final header

The final header

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