Geek Music – Carol of the Old Ones

The Civilian New Year is merely 28 minutes away at the time I am typing this, so I’d like to begin this post by wishing you all a happy new (civilian) year!
The reason I note that it’s the civilian new year is because we also have the Jewish new year around these parts. This also explains that while what I am going to link to here is not something that is directly related to my religion (though I’m Jewish by way of culture, not exactly religion…)

Anyway, this is a prime candidate for geek music, it’s not merely a filk, but a more professional endeavour. Well, I’ll let you listen to this thing first.

Carol of the Old Ones (which even got its own Wikipedia page!) is a take on the Christmas carol of Carol of the Bells, which had been performed by a group that had done such renditions for 24 christmas carols (I believe), in two discs. I actually put my hands on one of the discs, and I wasn’t too enamored with the rest, which may have something to do with lack of yearly exposure to these songs, or holiday anthems, so to speak.

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