Taking Care of Bigfoot Cat.

Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist.

Well, I thought it was time for another entry that is light-hearted, and probably even more important, short, so it’s just fitting that this entry will be of a cat. And no, you will not see any photos of the cat in question, for reasons that will shortly be explained.

A friend of mine had gone on vacation recently, and I was entrusted with the task of taking care of his cat. I went there every day, and did not see the cat once; merely… cat traces.

The cat is one I’ve seen before, and is named Naftali, a name that was more common in Israel 40-60 years ago. Regardless, this was the cat’s name.

Each day I would go to my friend’s house, call to the cat, look in all the rooms, and I would not see the cat. I was worried so much that the first day I mailed my friend that his cat was seemingly not there, but had declared that I will return that night in order to see whether the food was consumed, and the litter-box used: Evidence that the cat was still there.

I did check, and food was consumed, and the litter-box disturbed. The cat, though elusive, was still on the premises, but it had eluded me.

For five days and for five nights, I have taken care of the cat (once per day or night, usually). And for five days and for five nights, I had seen neither tail nor hide of the cat, but its food-plate was filled, its water refreshed, and its litter-sand scooped.

And so I deemed this cat to be Bigfoot Cat, not for the size of his feet or paws (which I assure you all, are quite normal and average), but for the fact that there was never any direct reporting of the cat itself, merely… cat traces.

P.S. Three more entries to this blog’s 100th entry.

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[Ewen’s Corner] Nekomimi Days Review.

Another cross-post from Neko Machi, because I’ve been really busy of late.

 Nekomimi Days (ネコミミデイズ) is an obscure manga by Houki Kusano (草野ほうき) that I discovered on Amazon.co.jp and ordered from the local Kinokuniya. It’s a curious work in that it involves a rather strange genre fiction element, but more as a backdrop than a plot element. It takes place in a world where there’s a “cat-ear cold” going around. It’s like the common cold, except that people who catch it often grow cat ears. They can also acquire certain catlike traits, like an obsession with fish or susceptibility to catnip.


Hina Mochizuki (Hii-chan) is a normal girl who lives in an area where there are a lot of both cats and people with cat ears, including her best friend Yuzuko Asahina (Yuzu). The one thing that is a little unusual about Hina is that cats and people with cat ears are naturally drawn to her for some reason.

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