Kara no Kyoukai 3 – Remaining Sense of Pain Notes

December 10th, 2013.

Forgive me, for I have sinned. I said I won’t take notes during this movie, but I did. Thankfully, they’re half the length of last movie’s notes (700 words versus 1,400). I will now begin writing a (slightly) more coherent post about this film.

Here’s today’s album of images.


  1. Someone said (and I hate people who can’t avoid spoiling the show) that “detachment” will be a big part of this show. We keep seeing people who aren’t “connected” to their body, and the movie’s title even points there, after we see the rape scene.

  2. “I don’t care for explanations” is nice in a show that infodumps on us, but considering the 2nd movie, it also fits really well – he believes totally, because he chooses to, what need does he have for explanations? Also, this scene is very domestic, very human. This office’s atmosphere is completely unlike the rest of the show.

  3. Interesting, that they accept jobs with the condition to kill. Really not cavalier around here. But when you deal with dolls and human bodies..

  4. Nice, we see Kokutou with his friend from school, that 2nd movie really worked well for us now :3

  5. 13:47 screenshot, when there’s green light, you know death is here.

  6. It’s actually rare, for us to see the violence in this show, usually we see the after-effects, or from a detached point of view, or one that obscures. Shiki in the first film killed ghosts, and here we see it from a vantage point, an ant being crushed.

  7. Makes you wonder why she didn’t stop the rape though, unless only pain/losing her virginity unlocked her powers. Besides all the rape stories about people not resisting.

  8. “I’m sorry, only by doing this I’ll be able to be like everyone else. In truth.. I don’t wish to kill people.” – How does this square with SHIKI? His only emotion is murder, so he murders, all that we unleash upon others is within us. And how will this enable her to be like others?

  9. 15:48, so striking – “A person who didn’t end his life like a human, isn’t a human anymore.” – So cruel, so cold. A merciless judge

  10. “I finally acquired pain, I’m alive.” So now she wishes to thank her pain-givers? Hm.

  11. 20:59 – Kokutou looks like a confessing father, the sort that is also a mob hitman, or like Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero. He looks scary.

  12. “Listen, to feel no sensations means you cannot gain anything.” – And in the first film she referred to Shiki as once having been an empty doll of this sort. “To put it roughly, it’s like not having a body.” – Again, people with one two bodies, one body for two souls, and now one soul and no bodies.

  13. Yup, feel no pain, no sadness, and you’ll be a sadness junky, wrote of it in the past.

  14. The red coat of badassitude +2, the blue-red, though this time it’s more white, hm.

  15. Touko is ruthless. Going behind Kokutou’s back? You can tell Shiki is displeased – with going behind his back, with needing to kill, or about Kokutou’s projected foolishness? Well, she’s Shiki.

  16. “Shiki might end up being killed if she goes alone, Ryougi.” – Wonder who she’s talking to :3

  17. On one hand, Shiki can’t forgive Fujino for being a spoiled brat, but on the other hand, she’s jealous.

  18. No salvation – body deteriorating, mind addicted to death, and at last, abandoned by her father.

  19. Hahaha! The murder power is a spiral of red and green!

  20. “Everything in creation has a flaw.” – This made me think of “Garden of sinners”, which is obviously a reference to the Garden of Eden.

  21. “You enjoy hurting others, that’s why your pain will never go away.” – And here Shiki admits she is also describing herself.

  22. Kokutou sure does attract the crazies. Third one in three films, but I’m sure it’s actually going to be important.

  23. Ok, so this movie occurs before the first one. She has a human body, and her sacrificing her arm was her sacrificing her very human arm… Yup, she’s crazy.

  24. 50:55 screenshot, that’s her smile as she said what she wants and keeps her alive and isn’t ugly is a slight desire to murder Kokutou – together with what was said before, I wonder if it’s SHIKI. Hard to tell, because in Japanese people often use their own names instead of “I”. Probably not, because they make a point of one of the personalities saying “ore” and the other uses “watashi”.

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  1. […] I took notes for this movie as well, about half of what I did for the previous entry. I also took a bunch of images again, and here is the album – more striking/plot relevant moments in general, rather than a showcase of the use of colours. […]

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