Kara no Kyoukai 2 – Murder Speculation (Part 1) Notes

December 6th, 2013.

I did something terrible. I took notes during watching this, so watching this took a long while. I am going to share the notes and the images now, as they had been taken, and try to write something coherent. I have to write something for school first, so please settle with this for now :3

Image album.


  1. Well, the first move was definitely interesting. Let’s see how the two characters had met, and what SHIKI and Shiki means.
  2. “Snow falls silently”, 46 seconds until we heard anything on the audio track. Also note how they use warm hues to signify the glows of homes in this cold scene. Very movie.
  3. Most people notice strangeness, remark on it to themselves, and move on. Also, Shiki, assuming it’s Shiki, sure was empty back then, has Touko said, she used to be like an empty shell as well.
  4. And after a scene of winter, we have a scene of the onset of spring, of the thawing of the ice, of the frozen lady, of life returning to the surface.
  5. Right now, the colour of this episode is yellow, when last episode had been about the greens and the reds.
  6. A question about angst, about ennui, these directionless feelings – “do I want to be alone, or because I want to think I’m alone?” And let me add another option – “Do I want to think I want to be alone?
  7. In this image of the town, there is no ice, but it’s all cold windows and hard neon, the scene feels much colder than the homey-warmth of the snow-covered scene with which we’ve opened, where silence had enveloped all.
  8. Interesting, as soon as there’s blood, we’re back to the green and red palettes, of decay.
  9. Using a dead man’s blood to paint her lips red, a very morbid teenager.
  10. The knife the dude was murdered with is very reminiscent of the knife Shiki wielded in the first movie. But since this happened before, she being the killer is only one option, the other is she had taken the knife from the killer.
  11. Matching blue yukata to blue sky, a scene of supposed comfort, of coldness, of being made uncomfortable in a supposedly familiar setting.
  12. Kokutou and Shiki, red and blue, but she’s actually blue underneath, and usually.
  13. Kokutou is humming “Singing in the rain,” brilliant.
  14. Blue and green, both when Shiki walked and as they waited in the rain seem to signify a calm setting, everything is a-ok.
  15. She had flashes to the knife holding, but it does seem like she’s somewhat detached, as if she finds the corpses, rather than create them.
  16. Talk about intense. Sword-sparring with sharpened swords. A good way to train one not to get too attached to their lives.. The colours alternate between reddish-green, and yellowish-blue. In other words, this scene has everything, is the source of everything.
  17. I like how movie-like this is, he’s waiting in the mall, no endless BGM, no endless chatter right around them, he’s just doing his thing. This feels so non-anime series. Refreshing.
  18. Shiki smiling, friendly, and wearing yellow. This is HOME. And now she’s acting very un-Shiki-like. She did say, “I wonder what he’ll think if he were to know there’s another Shiki inside of me.” Maybe this is the “Other Shiki”. One is blue, cold and reserved and aloof, and one is yellow, warm and bubbling and excited. But both are red, their connection to their human heart, Kokutou.
  19. In other words, up until now they had the same desires, just prioritized differently, but now they might also want other things, or one would like something the other actively dislikes.
  20. “You like yourself, so you think everyone else must as well.” – But Shiki now suffers from the opposite – if you don’t like yourself, maybe you feel no one else can either.
  21. “Denial is my realm, Shiki is supposed to only be able to affirm.” – And thus, she withholds approval, but isn’t that the same as denial? Shiki had always felt rejection, so how is she about affirmation? I think you’re lying to yourself, SHIKI, because you want to feel you’re the rebel, but you’re the one accepting others – you need your ignorance, as you said. Also, people only have what is within them, so you accept Shiki, and she rejects you, because that’s all she has. But if you’re the same, then you both have the same emotions.
  22. And here we have SHIKI, trying to separate Kokutou from Shiki. If it had been my guess? “Shiki hadn’t been alone, she always had me.” – Being trapped within Shiki, Shiki was the only one SHIKI had, so he’s jealous, and wants to get Shiki back. But he’d rather not kill Kokutou, because he likes him too, for he shares the same feelings as Shiki. (Going to use “he” for SHIKI, easier to differentiate that way). The other option is Shiki wants to push Kokutou away, and uses SHIKI to achieve her goal.
  23. It’s time to listen, boy. We’re trying to save your life here.
  24. Kokutou is scared for all the wrong reasons, not that Shiki is a killer, but that she might get caught. He’s head over heels.
  25. Yup, Shiki is one crazy morbid girl.
  26. Note how we don’t see her brother at all, nor any signs of any connection to people in her life. Rejection. Makes you wonder how she had seen people are terrible as a child, unless it was meant by seeing SHIKI, and thus seeing someone else from within.
  27. “I can listen to you once I’m confident in myself.” – Otherwise, he might be swayed by anything she says, or not believe whatever she says. First he has to make his own mind, and trust himself, before he can trust her – just like the Shikis said, people can express the emotions they know, so he needs to figure out trust within himself first.
  28. 42 minutes in – “Shiki began to ignore me from that day onward, but I still go to Shiki’s house every night to stand guard.” – Truly feels like an end of movie/episode moment, right? And yet, it’s not.
  29. That terribly romantic montage, of him sitting outside her house as the seasons pass, and doing what he can – just being there, guarding her. Of course, what he also could be doing, and perhaps what Shiki is waiting for, is finding his center and talking to her once more, as he promised.
  30. That smile when he watched the house as the montage ended – he became enamored with the romantic idea of the quest he undertaken. Now his goal is to maintain the quest, rather than his original goal. He fell in love with an idea, instead of the girl. A silly romantic boy.
  31. “What part of me do you believe in?” – “I don’t have any basis, but I’ll probably keep believing in you.” – Shiki is asking how he loves her, he replies he just does, in a total way.
  32. I wonder, all this time observing Shiki – what about homework, what of his mother? Heh.
  33. Note how when Shiki stopped ignoring him, she wore a red yukata, and she stands amidst the green bamboo. Red and green together do not bode well in this show.
  34. They really handled the totality of his flight well, I must say. How he’s running with his whole body, how he gets stuck in a tree/wall and the way he rises and looks about him. Very well done.
  35. His monologue of Shiki, covering many of the points I’ve made, and yet, romanticizing her, and himself as the one who loves her. And yet, is there any other way?
  36. Final note, if yellow is SHIKI’s colour, perhaps in the opening sequence he saw SHIKI and not Shiki, which explains why Shiki had no idea who he was at school.
  37. Post ED narrator – he talked of the episode 1 girl, who had one soul but two bodies. Shiki has one body but two souls.
  38. Next episode’s preview made me realize I’ve longed to hear the theme of this show again, that haunting “La la la”, it might also be all that much more haunting for being reminiscent of a nursery rhyme.

One comment on “Kara no Kyoukai 2 – Murder Speculation (Part 1) Notes

  1. […] If you were to take a look at my notes for this film, you’d see I noted the colour usage quite heavily in this movie as well (here is the imgur album of images taken). We still go with red-green and an atmosphere of decay for when things go wrong, or bloody. We have a lighter atmosphere when blue and green give us a sense of calmness, and yellow seems to be the colour of home. It’s quite interesting to note how the scenes tell us what sort of mood they’re going to use through their use of different palettes alone, and unless one devotes conscious thought to it (like I did), then it just sets the stage, like music gets to do. Good stuff. […]

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