Ok, so it goes like this. This is the links page, not all of the links are “Awesome”. They are pages that I read. And sites which I use when trawling the internet.

I will split them into categories, comment on the site, and have the “Big name sites” at the top, official sites, or the sort.

Linking policy: If I link you, I’ll tell you, I won’t tell you if for some reason I drop you. You are not obligated to link back to me. Link to me if you want. If you link to me, please tell me, it doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily link back to you, so don’t get offended if I do not.

I doubt I’ll update this page more than once every month or two.
Anyway, links!

Role-Playing Games:
  • Story-Games. This is the forum where I spend most of my time, focus on independent and small press RPGs.
  • The Forge. The home of independent RPGs on the net. A design based forum. Also boasts an article section that had an impact on certain aspects of RPG theory.
  • RPG.Net. I don’t visit the site as much as I’ve used to, but this is one of the biggest RPG sites on the net, has a huge amount of reviews, and very active fora (that’s the plural of ‘forum’, BTW).
  • Planet Story Games is an aggregate of small press/independent/story game oriented blogs.
  • Competitive RPGs/CSI Games. This is my rarely updated theory-blog about competitive story games. Seriously. CSI Games stands for “Competitive Story Interactive Games”.
  • Yaruki Zero Games. This is the RPG blog by my friend Ewen Cluney, who translated Maid RPG into English, and works in translating anime and other stuff from Japanese to English. Ewen also designs original RPGs.
  • Zigguratbuilder is Andy Kitkowski’s personal blog, mostly about gaming. Andy is the owner of Story-Games above, the person who actually released Maid RPG, and who’s working on getting us Tenra Bansho Zero in English. His name on his projects, aka, his doujin name(?) is Diamond Sutra.
  • Tenra Bansho Zero is a Japanese RPG (table-top) by F.E.A.R. Andy’s translating it. The blog‘s the place to keep track of after you look at the main-page and get a mad desire to possess the game.
  • J-RPG is a site where people who know better Japanese tell us poor chaps of the RPGs released in Japan. Table-top RPGs, for the most part.


  • Anime News Network‘s Encyclopedia, where I look up series of anime and manga. And sometimes news.
  • AnimeNano is like Planet Story-Games above, it’s an aggregate site for anime/manga/etc. blog posts. You can subscribe to blogs too.
  • Hey, Say, Anime, if I were looking for single episode reviews, I’d look here. For the record, I don’t swing that way ;)
  • Taikutsu Remedy is the home of Snark, who writes snarky posts about anime. He makes me laugh. I love laughing.
  • Otaku Dan‘s blog, some anime musings, some figure reviews.


Anime Figures:

  •  Nekomagic. Coverage of most figures, as information regarding them is released.
  • Hobby Search. A shop to buy stuff from Japan from. They only ship via EMS, so shipping might be expensive.
  • Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). Another store to buy from, their site isn’t as good looking as Hobby Search’s, but they also ship SAL, slower and cheaper.
  • Kumo’s blog is another site with news on new figure released, when they are open for reservation, news of postponings, etc.
  • Tokyohunter is Joseph’s blog, where he lists exclusive special order figures, which you can order through him, with a mark-up for his services (considerable mark-up, still cheaper than finding it on eBay later, which also requires luck).
  • The Inferno Project is a figure review blog. Especially useful are the pages outlining Figma and Fraulein Revoltech poseable figures.
  • 3DComplex is another figure review blog.
  • Exelica Meteor is a figure review blog, new posts will come slow, a huge gallery of older reviews, high quality photographs.
  • Tentacle Armada has mostly NSFW (Not Safe for Work, IE, naughty) figure reviews.
  • OMGWebsite, mostly figures, some other posts.

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  1. Radiant says:

    For some reason, you weren’t on my blog-roll. Linked! Would appreciate a link back. :)

  2. Guy says:

    I hope to be able to get on top of things on Sunday. Till then with school I barely see myself breathing :(

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