Witch Craft Works Episode 1 Notes

January 2nd, 2014.

First Impressions:

Witch Craft Works anime episode 1

OP – Not only is it completely dull and forgettable, which are basically the two largest sins a piece of music could commit, it’s bad. Not terrible, but it’s more than just mediocre. The animation is also nothing special, the character designs are eh, and the action is very popcorn-show level.

I am pretty sure they go for it on purpose – Kagari’s face is really not one you’d call “beautiful”, especially in an anime, yet she sparkles from adoration.

Falling building CGI was a bit eh, but not too bad.

The menacing way the axe-wielding rabbit walked sure added to the scene. The impact sound of the gait had done a lot to actually make it menacing.

Ok, this witch girl is overpowered, and sort of cool. I think they could and should’ve given her a more powerful and commanding voice actress, but let’s give her some more time.

“Go! Go! My minions, my armies of walking rabbits and rabbit-mecha! Overtake our foes!”

Talk about noble sacrifice, and yeah, I’d appreciate some more inflection in the voice, personally.

“It’s all right, because I am made of fire.” – On the one hand, we did see some inklings that she can get angry, perhaps she keeps cool to keep herself from (literally!) bursting into flames, and on the other, some could see it as commentary on her as a woman :P

“Take that, furries! This is my guy!”

Yes, those transfer students seem completely normal. No problems at all are going to arise here.

ED – Not a huge fan, but it’s possible it’ll grow on me. BUT, it’s different, and somewhat memorable, which is a huge upgrade over that snorefest OP.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Witch Craft Works anime episode 1

Seems a fairly standard popcorn show thus far. Much depends on where they choose to go with this, more action and explanation of the magic world, or more romance? I do hope we’ll get to see our Flame Witch Kagari-san show more emotions, and the characters be more emotional.

As a first episode, it did a solid job of setting up the stage, for action, for comedy, and to show us we don’t really know what this world has in store for us. Now it needs to actually show us some of these things, hopefully it won’t remain at “setting the stage” stage endlessly, as some shows do. Not a bad start to “popcorn Sunday”, as it’s shaping up to be.

The notion of the overpowered person being the supporting cast and the MC being the weak and powerless one could be good, or could be nothing, we’ll see what they do with it.

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