Valvrave the Liberator Episode 24 Notes – Finale?!

December 27th, 2013.

I’m amazed that it’s the finale. We easily have enough material for 24 more episodes, or at least 12. Let’s see where they go with this.

So, Valvraves are knock-offs, of the original vehicle, of what Cain is piloting? Definitely another thing they could’ve expanded on.

Haruto goes, “It’s powerful, this is unit 02?” – What Unit 02? Where is this coming from?!

“The thing about the truth is, you’ll never know what it is unless you come out and ask.” – That’s quite a simplistic and naïve way of looking at things, but it probably beats distrusting the other before even hearing their side and refusing to listen, eh?

The incredulity, the outrage! They’re being whipped into a frenzy by some made up stories! If at least it’s been the truth! Funny, how one so used to manipulating the truth hates it when it is done to them.

I can understand L-Elf. Haruto dying while clinging and fighting for their pact, their friendship, is one thing. But this person is the death of Haruto, it’s even worse, it’s seeing someone else occupy the place that is real. It’s as if your memories, as if what’s real had been manipulated, and only you know the world is not right.

Wait, what it was with that ending? There better be another ending coming. We have Shoko, as an immortal, as one who tries to be friends with the Magius-like life-forms? Where and how are the rest of the humans holding up? You can’t just finish the show like that, can you? I feel trolled, unless we’re going to get another episode/season. Shoko as an immortal freedom fighter who goes against the empire, what is this? :O

If we truly finish here, and I’m going to opine on the whole season/show, then I’m going to give it 7/10. It was a solid show, with plenty of fun moments, but also parts which seemed to come out of nowhere, especially in the second half. The second half was very much about “paying the price”, and how the price always escalates, and whenever you come to grips with it then you have the price increase, or expand in terms of whom it affects, but Code Geass was a much better treatment of that. And let us not forget episode 10, which many people might drop the show over, or some really silly things in the early episodes, but “high school episodes” are an anime-thing.

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5 comments on “Valvrave the Liberator Episode 24 Notes – Finale?!

  1. I just wish they hadn’t done an “oh, and” ending. Oh, and all this stuff happened with the Dorssians and JIORians. Oh, and Shouko’s alive. Oh, and there’s aliens.

    • Guy says:

      The “And X happened” wasn’t nearly as much “No, you didn’t!” as Shouko appearing, them recognizing and fearing her, and her basically being a resistance fighter?

      Not just that, Haruto’s desire was a world where humans and the Valvrave pilots can live together, which Saki tells the prince was what they are doing, but now Shouko says she is the one who’s trying for everyone to live together.

      I mean those last 2 mins brought up so much back-story and themes, can’t drop it there! Well, maybe we’ll get another season >.>

      • Is that what you thought happened? I saw it otherwise. I thought those two aliens were attacking and Souko came to speak to them instead of fighting back as a representative of the galactic empire. Like she was continuing Haruto’s mission and trying to get different species to coexist. I gotta watch that scene again. That’s why I hate rushed endings like this. You are left scratching your head and wondering if they even meant what you think they did.

        • Guy says:

          Re-watching, I think you’re right, when Shouko asks them “What did you expect, some secret weapons?” – As in, they invaded the well-guarded place hoping for secrets, and Shouko had already been there, rather than she intruding and them being the guards.

          And yeah, ok, so maybe we won’t be getting another season, my reading of the ending made thoughts of another season much likelier, heh.

  2. I would at least like a movie to wrap everything up. They did kinda rush through more than a century of future history in 30 seconds…

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