Valvrave the Liberator Episode 23 Notes

December 20th, 2013.

Hm, “Kamitsuki” left untranslated by CR, I like the “Holy spirit” translation, threw me off for a moment.

“Let’s make a promise, neither of us gives up, to the bitter end.” – Rukino often spoke of a promise she had made, and people thought it’s a promise from the first season – but this is the promise. To make a home for them all, to make a place where everyone can live together.

This hurts the most, Shoko isn’t even acting scared or revolted, she’s just “strictly business”, no emotion shown. Akira is like Haruto, in that she gave up her humanity for Shoko – not everyone else, but Shoko, to now be spurned like that.

But now the Magius told him, it’s only a mask, and now he can understand her, and understand that she understands, and all is well.

“Can’t we catch a break?” he asks, and the answer is, because it’s that kind of show, where the whole point is never getting breaks, only escalations.

Child Shoko was so cute, sad we only get to see her as Haruto forgets her.

Marvelous, and stupid – of course, have a plan get used against you, use it against others. I said before – they couldn’t accuse Dorssia of being magi, because it’d come off as fake, so they had to show it. Great stuff.

I can’t help but wonder, when will the show end? Will there be another season? We’ve already lost two Valvrave pilots, Haruto is burning out, and we are being shown the information relevant for the flash-futures – Haruto and Saki’s promise, the reason for the new empire, etc. I think we might not get another season, honestly. Maybe 3-4 OVA episodes showing the interim centuries, unless they do it via a 2-5 minute montage next episode.

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