Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22 Notes

December 13th, 2013.

Well, things sure aren’t pretty right now. And our student body finally sees the value of trusting the monsters, over the seemingly kind “humans”. Well, they sure are in a tough spot now.

Is it just me, or does the prince look like L-Elf? But his sort of blush and way of carrying himself are more Haruto.

They preserved the “cradle” of their empire. Look at the vibrancy of life here. This is their Garden of Eden, this is where the snake had offered the apple of forbidden knowledge, the Valvrave.

Well, realizing they were wrong to trust humans apparently isn’t enough to trust their friends. Human or inhuman, what does it matter compared to friend or enemy?

“Things can’t go back to the way they’ve been. Your actions have brought about everything. The world will not allow you bright dreams, there is no hope left.” – L-Elf has been Haruto’s savior, his beacon of hope, that there can be a way to succeed, so him breaking it to him this way is truly harsh. There are prices, which no one can escape, Haruto-kun.

And here we have our humans, Shoko and L-Elf, learn of their loved ones as immortal monsters, one after the other. L-Elf did make an interesting point, thus far Haruto brought death, he wishes to bring happiness, so shouldn’t he just die?

Haruto speaking to his dead allies, with a bubble in the background. How very Ikari Shinji mind-scape. He also admits all he wanted was to be told he did well, that he made the right choice.

Well, our cast once more has goals, meaning they can once more continue forward. This time they are made aware of the costs of their past actions, so their dedication to move forward is also an acceptance of what they had done, and of what they will have to do. Such reaffirmations are necessary now and then. The music accompanying the scenes of revelation continues to be very well done.

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