Valvrave the Liberator Episode 21 Notes

December 6th, 2013.

Well, with how the last episode ended, I suspect things are going to turn ugly, on multiple fronts. Let us also see how the inevitable Shoko and Haruto conversation goes.

That “discovering journalist,” like when someone supposedly found on live television a new pyramid tomb >.> Well, they are being played, our poor Valvrave pilots. Dorssia blames others for what they do, for what they are, and who will blame them now? It’s dirty politics 101.

“They came too close to the backstage of the world.” – And the end of episode message, “Valvrave, the system who will unveil the world.”

“Just believe in each other and we’ll overcome this!” – But there are two problems, first, there are monsters within them, and second, it’s a crisis, so people are quick to accuse, rather than trust.

Haruto has memories vanishing, it’s a bit of a plot-hole, as once we’ve been introduced to Marie people had been losing memories but nothing happened beforehand, well, it fits the story now, so we’ll put it aside.

Shoko is just like all the other characters here, she embodies the other part of Lelouch from Code Geass, and the theme of price – she let Haruto kill her father to save them, and now she will give up on her friends, in order to ensure peace. “What will you sacrifice to get what you want?” – Except she wants to make everyone happy, well, she’ll settle for something. Lelouch never settled, that was the difference, but here, it’s all about cost.

So, we still discuss price – someone has to pay, and making decisions can cost you, and going back on a decision costs you again, which is why Lelouch knows the only way is to keep going forward.

Arus, still a bunch of self-serving greedy bastards. I won’t be surprised if they actually know of the council, I think they refered to them once, but not sure.

Also, poor students, you’d think they’d stop shooting once they saw they actually died. The first reaction here is to say “They were afraid and thus acted irrationally,” but I think it’s the opposite, they plotted this and this was their rational decision, and they used the cover of “terror” to truly carry out a purge.

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