Valvrave the Liberator Episode 20 Notes

November 30th, 2013.

You know what would be more logical, if it’s the only choice? “Laddering” – have one person push the others till he overheats, then the next one in turn, and thus you can cover more ground and the final one will be able to fight without accumulating much heat.

L-Elf lost his raison d’être. At least, what he thought of as his one. Now he’ll have to find a new one, I bet, especially with the way the narrator talked in the opening sequence, that it’d be revenge. Though revenge is something L-Elf should know to not be a logically fulfilling goal.

Oh my, if all the rescued scientists are going to begin blabbering now, the cat will be out of the bag, about the Valvraves, and the pilots – then again, wasn’t that what the episode preview last week promised? Let’s see how it shakes out.

And now there are journalists aboard, the combination with the above point can be volatile. Globally so.

“I’ve reviewed a number of successful revolutionaries before. They all shared one trait, they were naïve.” – As I’ve discussed most weeks in this season, the whole point of Valvrave and other such shows (Code Geass especially) is that they’re about price, about consequences, or in other words, about showing the protagonist their naiveté, stripping it from them forcefully. But believing they can make everything alright might be what drives them onward – oh, how this point is so rich in Code Geass, where Lelouch rejects the option of making everything “all right” as escaping from reality.

Next Episode preview – “The Cost of Lies” – It’s all about costs. Seeing Shoko in the end also drives it home, the international cost is as nothing compared to the personal cost, of people whom you love treating you with contempt and fear.

Well, Dorssia sure took the offensive on this one, also casting suspicion away from themselves – accuse someone else of being what you are and no one will think that you are one as well, and should the students attempt to accuse Dorssians of being monsters, people will just assume they are trying to do what Dorssia had done. I, for one, thought Arus’s president didn’t look at all surprised, and merely put on an act because he couldn’t allow himself to act otherwise.

Whee, a mess!

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