Valvrave the Liberator Episode 18 Notes

November 15th, 2013.

So, only a day late, whee.

1) Both this episode and last, L-Elf actually has emotions, he feels love, he feels frustration. But having emotions and letting them rule you are two different things, as Karlstein Institute’s top student knows well. And then he runs off and acts on his emotions – I wonder, and suspect, he’ll later paint it as actually benefitting the cause, perhaps by giving them more support from the royalists and international legitimacy. Also, what use is being cold and calculating if not for the goal it is helping you achieve? Survival at all costs does seem to be what Karlstein teaches, but I’m not sure L-Elf believes that.

“I have a plan.” and the way he sits, just after the memory it hit me how he’s both Lelouch and Suzaku – “L-Elf? More like L(elouch)-Lamperouge.

2) Hm, so the princess is already taken over by the Magi? Hmmmm. Well, things are definitely picking up on the mystery front. You know, when L-Elf came to her in the end, I thought the ED-fade in was magnificent, and then they fucked it up by actually starting it from the beginning when the ED began proper – either they needed to cut the beginning of the ED or start the music later. Nagi no Asukara has it done very well, where the ED’s music is actually ~5-10 seconds longer than the ED, so the music always fades in properly. It just sort of clashed here, which was unfortunate, as the music actually fit the moment very well.

3) Speaking ill of our dead comrade. Not surprising, if you think of their childhood – it’s kill or be killed. Turn on the traitor so they won’t suspect you as well. Very Paranoia, the RPG, or Cold-War era Eastern Germany, which Dorssia seems to take some things from in general, and especially this episode.

4) Ah, Haruto’s father. The dead crazy eyes should’ve given away that he’s not entirely right in the head/a good character. And how proud he is, of how the scientists are also hostages, because they let their children be modified and now their children are kept away from them. So when the gang came to rescue them, are they rescuing them from the Dorssians, or their past? They are rescuing them by letting them out of this facility, or by letting them meet their children again?

Most importantly, are they rescuing them from the Dorssians, or from Haruto’s father, who seems quite pleased with where he is? Jior? Dorssia? Don’t make him laugh, we’re dealing with the creation of a new species here!

Also, “Haruto, your genetic makeup is my greatest creation!” has quite a different meaning in this context. Poor Haruto, being different is hard, and one often doesn’t ask to be different.

5) “I’ll make it as if the Valvraves never existed” – That ties to his desire to end his life, or to be(come) human – because so long he and his friends live as Rune-slaves, as beings designed to be immortal overlords over humanity, it’s as if Valvraves have existed, that’s what the Valvraves are truly about. Interesting how the father points out the weaponry is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and when you’re immortal, you can see his point.

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