Valvrave the Liberator Episode 17 Notes

November 10th, 2013.

Let’s try post episode notes again.

Well, that’s another meaning of “Do you sign away your humanity?” – They are signing off their memories, what makes them them, their life afterward is almost a non-issue, since it’s not really their life. Amusing, but I did write a game for a competition where people pilot mecha at the cost of their memories (but can also gain others’), as a way to explore the question of “Self”.

Ok, Haruto’s dream of losing his self screamed “Evangelion!” – His tool of salvation as also his tool of damnation, which is actually something he realized, with the rape, and even L-Elf, to him L-Elf is his salvation and damnation, thus his decision to shoulder all the horrors so everyone else will be spared – this isn’t any different Haruto, but now he learns he may lose more than his life, and control over himself, and his morality, but even the self itself. Always ramping up the price, that’s what these shows are based on.

Ok, so it is Renbukoji 200 years from now, he’s definitely going to pilot a unit. Also, turns out multiple people can pilot one, not just the designated and then everyone else dies – just need to be “modified” somehow.

Haruto – You don’t understand what it is to have to make these sacrifices!

L-Elf – You don’t understand what it is to not even have the choice!

That music before the ED, with the space-ship, I was going to ask if they’re aliens, but it’s all in space anyway, so who knows :3

Overall? Solid stuff, and the prices keep rising, and the repercussions keep appearing, but they keep going forward, at all costs, or what did they pay so much already for, if they turn back now? Because to turn back means all is lost anyway.

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