Valvrave the Liberator Episode 15 Notes

October 25th, 2013.

Mini-notes only.

For a moment I thought this is Satomi as we know him – if it is, then there are more Valvraves, but it can also be he’s a descendent of Akira/Satomi themselves who just look like him. Also, Akira is the prince’s grandmother? It’s possible that all the children of the Valvrave riders are “princes”, but it doesn’t serve to think too much about the time-skip, it’s only really there to have us guessing.

Jurisdictional battles! Everyone is all puffed up about others intruding on their turf – this is the ground forces versus the navy all over again :3

You know what just hit me? I really wonder about heating of Valvraves in the atmosphere – aren’t they going to overheat much faster in the air than in space’s vacuum?

So ARUS is also aware of the council of hundred and one? I wonder what ARUS knows of them, or at least, thinkthey do.

That shot as L-Elf didn’t even look at the shooters and blood sprayed by his face. Good shot.

“Did you kill them?” – “No, they are useful.” – That’s L-Elf.

Pino knows Marie, huh…

Those jumps… Those Karlstein kids.

Huh, that first part of the ED, or was it part of the show? O.O

Ok, this episode was just crazy – we got to see more of L-Elf though, but yeah… Haruto really is weird, just going to talk to Marie – he really is stuck in a world of his own, it’s true. L-Elf does reach decisions quickly, you must say.

Well, I want to say we’ll find out more about the Valvraves, but who can say with this show? The whole “Marie Amnesia” thing was just really introduced a couple of episodes ago, honestly, it all feels to just come out of nowhere.

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