Valvrave the Liberator Episode 14 Notes

October 18th, 2013.

Mini notes only, as I just watch the episode.

“It is my duty to protect her.” – says the older brother with no combat ability about the pilot of a Valvrave – who started piloting one to protect others. It’s not about what you can literally do, but about who you are, and how you are.

That bobbing box-girl. Cute.

“The friend of my friend, is my friend.” – No it’s not, also seek #4 on the Geek Fallacies list[1] , then again, she just wants to help Akira, so she can say so even if she doesn’t truly believe it.

“I’ll take a rain check” is wrong. It’s “rain cheque”, from people being given a voucher to attend baseball games if the original had been cancelled due to rain.

Ah, the smell of family in the morning, roasting, burning, burnt.

Akira, protecting her brother.

That music, as Satomi concentrates, with those pictures, it’s at the same time action-ful, and sad, or the sadness might be the moment, with the music rushing us along to crescendo.

Wait, what? I thought Satomi was going to lead them onto another vessel or something, but they just entered – what did they need to listen to the radio for then? O.o

That familiar, with the heat-transferring punch – very gurren from Code Geass. And both of the respective mechas are red as well.

So next episode, or the one after, more L-Elf backstory?

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