Valvrave the Liberator Episode 13 Notes

October 11th, 2013.

Mini notes only, as I just watch the episode.

With the scythe, he really is the red reaper.

That spirit thing knows JIOR, hm.

Maintaining border controls means they maintain control, they basically keep JIOR stranded, they control all import and export, not letting module 77 be an independent country, for they lack sovereignty.

“We’re worried about infiltrators” – “At least let doctors and politicians through.” – “Don’t worry, we’ll supply you the necessary personnel.”

So basically, you are going to infiltrate JIOR, but you’re not even going to hide it.

That girl has elven ears! Oh, next scene everyone does, just a quirk of the artists.

Haruto is the Emperor of Mankind (and those future flashbacks call it the Empire as well) – Warhammer 40,000. They must sacrifice a thousand psychics a day so he could keep on living and maintain the beacon that is at the basis of all interstellar travel, that allows to maintain civilization.

So is Haruto, his are the sacrifices that will keep JIOR, but if you keep sacrificing JIORans, who are you really protecting? As for Haruto, the cost to his humanity? He signed it away, he has no say in this.

That sequence as he bit L-Elf, very much Lelouch’s Geass taking hold.

Haruto speaks of reclaiming his humanity, even as he kills dozens if not hundreds of DORSSIANS, even as he gets inured to the act of taking life. What sort of humanity will he have left? A nice dream.

The exchange between Cain and the king was especially fruitful, it makes me wonder that they don’t turn humans into Magi, but replace them. That this Mirko is someone the magus Cain had known long ago. Body-snatchers. Soul-overtakers.

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