Uchouten Kazoku Episode 9 Notes

September 1st, 2013.

Thoughts and Notes:

Yasaburo’s dad named Kaisei, that seems like no small thing.

“I pray everything goes well.” – I’m not sure the professor and Yasaburo have the exact same thing in mind.

Now we know how Benten caught their father, and why he stayed in the cage – he couldn’t transform. That’s also why I think Benten went after him, she knew that, and made use of it.

Oy, just show us her face.

The part where Yasaburo comes and everyone goes “Yasaburo is here. It’s Yasaburo”, gives me distinct flashbacks to “Olde Japane” in some fiction, such as Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi, and the strong familial feeling of Summer Wars – I guess it’s about living in a small community where everyone knows one another, that’s the feel.

Man, one might think Yasaburo is playing the old Tengu bastard like a fiddle. One would be wrong, this is a symbiotic relationship – The old bastard is throwing a pity-party because he wants Yasaburo, whom he actually likes, to speak his praises, to be his friend. And Yasaburo happily complies, because he likes the old coot.

I wonder if Frog-nii-sama could be the next center-stone, considering how long he’s remained transformed.

Well, Kaisei’s warning cinches it – ever since I saw the dates, I thought the proximity between the vote and the tanuki hot-pot is going to play a part.

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