Uchouten Kazoku Episode 8 Notes

August 25th, 2013.

Doodling with Words:

Most shows these days when they show you the ending of the previous episode are just buying time, or merely trying to remind you what happened. Here it feels they’re trying to hit you again, but is it the same? You’ve seen this before, so they’re setting you into the right mood, rather than merely keeping continuity. Also, they showed you the episode’s name prior as well, as another mood-setter.

Also, if this episode is about the father’s last day, then nothing is more apt than beginning it with the children reminiscing about it as well.

It’s all about the family.

“I split my blood amongst the 4 of you, so it wouldn’t do for any to be missing.” – So the 4 of them amount to one of him? So we won’t be seeing another father-level Tanuki from them unless they go all (Vampire: the Masquerade reference) Diablerie on one another and drink their blood?

That railway, they sure know how to spook the mundanes.

Oh, the sensei was still in the bathhouse. I wonder how much time all of this actually took.

Here is an interesting thing – the more “action” a show has, the less you can see what characters think. Characters in shounen often think and rationalize as they fight, but in shounen you often lose all of that as it’d disrupt the flow of the action sequences. But when two people walk quietly together, such as in many romcoms or this show, it’s the best time to listen in on some of the characters’ thoughts.

“Fell into the hands of the humans.” – makes humans sound like a gang.

“It was more or less a pleasant life, even with all the hassles.” – no sugarcoating.

I don’t know enough Japanese names, but the names of the main characters in this show truly feel archaic/extravagant.

So why was Yasaburo so silent this episode, especially in the scene with his two big brothers? In one part, it’s not knowing what to say, where to even put yourself, such as when your parents are arguing as a small child. On the other hand, he might not even know how he’s feeling, so how can he comment on what others are feeling?

Ok, when the eldest son cried? The feels ;__;

Kaisei episode preview – they built it up so much, but I don’t have expectations, that leads to a fall, and her nature thus far was the opposite of the sort to engender expectations, just the situation around here.

26/8/2013 edit: 3:51 is Kaisei – so people wouldn’t say I just said I called it for no good reason next week :)

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