Uchouten Kazoku Episode 7 Notes

August 18th, 2013.

Random Chatter:

“”Blood is thicker than water” is a saying that is more than I can handle.” – Considering the show’s name references family, it’s about time for family to be discussed openly, rather than just shown.

The sensei and Yasaburo act is more like two brothers, or two old men. It’s quite amusing. Nothing is serious here. But do notice how taking the sensei to the bathhouse is a family business, and even the elder brother chips in to help with it. This is filial piety, even if they’re not blood-related, they ARE family. I thought to myself, “What is the show trying to tell us with this sequence, with this silliness?” and I realized – nothing. It’s just showing it to us, not everything means something, especially in a novel. And, we’re here in order to get to the next stage, it’s just a light-hearted part of the journey, so sit back and relax.

Sensei reminds me of myself and pools/the sea, I rarely go, but when I do I don’t want to leave.

Ok, seems the Ebisugawa are about conformity and power in numbers, whereas Yaichirou’s family is all about individuality and strength as individuals, even if they still value their ties – their father was singularly powerful, and they did win the fight against the Ebisugawa twins earlier.

Those two brothers are so annoying to watch. Please leave.

They really turned on the atmospheric feel-pressure, what with that music, and the water flowing down the frog’s head to replace tears.

So, I watched the preview, and it’s going to be about their father. Why is this here, in terms of plot? Why am I thinking so hard, didn’t I say I prefer to just watch this show without thinking about it too hard? Well, I’ve answered this question in the other thread when someone said he can’t get the plot of this show – this is not a plot-driven show, this is a character and situation-driven show. Their father is a major character, and plays a major part in the other characters’ behaviour and history. Their father’s disappearance is also THE situation here, or part of more or less any situation we’ve come across – the relations with Benten, the Ebisugawas, the Nise-emon election, and even the rift within frog-brother’s heart.

This is a character and situation driven story, it’s not exposition, because it’s not just background to something else, this IS the story the show is telling you.

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