Uchouten Kazoku Episode 6 Notes

August 11th, 2013.

Thoughts and Notes

Benten was a cute girl. So, he just kidnapped her? ಠ_ಠ No wonder she resents him now. It makes it unclear whether Benten is considered top-human-dog, or top-tengu-dog, or both.

“The current Benten is not who she used to be.” – this sentence is super important. So he’s in love with Benten, but which one? Could be both, but is it?

I wonder what happened to the previous Friday Fellow – how they retire, how they are chosen. I doubt we’d get answers, but it’s nice to have questions, keeps things curious. Yasaburo should agree.

The professor relates to things by eating them, that’s why he thinks eating the Tanuki he loves is not that strange, it’s just his way of making a connection… he’s a weird one. And then he says “To eat is to love.” – sometimes I’m just too in-sync with those weirdos in anime, happens a lot lately. Kant would have a field day with the professor. His opinions are self-contradicting, but contrary to human belief, that’s actually common, and not necessarily an issue. In media, it certainly doesn’t make someone a bad character, which is important to note. And then he himself notes he contradicts himself! I told you we’re of the same mind, this professor and I!

Translator-san, are you trolling us? “I will eat all the cutie-patooties.” ಠ_ಠ

Every time we know of how their father was eaten, I wonder how/why he allowed it to happen. He can become a mountin. I’m sure he could’ve done something about it, had he wanted, no?

At least now we know – humans don’t know about the shapeshifting, talking Tanuki.

It’s a heavy thing, having someone you should hate, even if he’s never wronged you, personally. Well, it’s a hard thing to explain, what I mean here – he never showed a personality trait that offended Yasaburo. It’s just that he ate his dad, right? As I said last week, it’s the circle of life. He gave life to one parent, and took life from the other – but at least he wasn’t unkind about it.

I can only really think of this episode as a continuation of the previous episode. The previous episode was reallygood. This show was good, but it lost some of its steam in its travel, so was a bit slower, letting us digest the heavy meal of the last two episodes.

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