Uchouten Kazoku Episode 4 Notes

July 28th, 2013.

Thoughts and notes:

Sensei, we’ll forgive you if you’ll drop the old and crotchety act and keep just the old part, honest. How can you blame the flying vessel you’ll be using, it’s yours to begin with :P

“Wait, but don’t count on me” – what a prima donna.

I remember reading or thinking something of the sort before. What is a lie, if the other side knows you lie? What is a lie, if you know that the other side knows that you lie, and also that they know that you know? Is it still a lie? It’s more of an agreement to say one thing while agreeing the situation is otherwise. It is an act.

This is a moment showing how put upon teenagers can be by those older than they are, and that no matter how old you are, you can still be a child. Must be that idiot tengu blood.

The way their father beat the tengu, makes me think of Mononoke Hime – he’s really primal, he’s inhuman and hard to understand, like an angry Greek god. This feels otherworldly, the whole incident, and in a good way.

At this point it almost feels Benten does things to spite others, this means she’s not carefree and mature – because if you do things to spite others, it means you keep others in mind all the time, just as if you seek to please them with everything that you do. Well, maybe she just likes a good show, even if she has to manufacture one, by her presence.

It’s good to have an extended family. I’m sure Bilbo Baggins would agree.

I will drink and be merry in the face of danger! I laugh in the face of danger! Even if it’s because I’m too drunk to care… That idiot tengu blood.

Ok, this episode was fun, this episode was colourful and full of energy. The music in the fight scene, and the fight scene in the sky as well – this episode felt very much like Studio Ghibli to me – no, not the exact details, but the general feel.

Next episode it seems we’re off the deep-end, The Friday Fellows. Finally we might get to know not just what’s up, but why, which is much more interesting.

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