Uchouten Kazoku Episode 3 Notes

July 21st, 2013.

Thoughts and Notes:

  • The talk of the cruise, the manpukaru, etc. You really do feel like you’re dropped in the middle of an existing world, a bustling world, with much to explore and discover.
  • Since it’s an original work, whatever we don’t understand due to background, if it’s not due to missing Japan-related queues, is intentional, rather than rushing through adapted material – doesn’t mean things won’t be rushed or unexplained, but the reasoning will be slightly different.
  • So that IS his mother. Thought it was his older brother’s girlfriend or something. That’s what you get with shapeshifters.
  • Talk about a rotten-relative, breaks off the engagement between his child and his nephew because he no longer stands to gain from it… Assuming they really are blood relatives, and even if not, still.
  • Old enough to admit he loves Benten, sasuga Sensei!
  • Holy shit, their father O.O Holy shit! The closest thing I can think of is he went all Naruto on them, and Naruto would wish he could grow up to be that dude.
  • The more I see of Benten, well, sometimes she seems like a hostess of a gang, sometimes she seems like its leader. The more I see of her the more she seems like the cruel leader. Also, having tanuki friends yet eating tanuki.
  • Quite the hedonist, she is – but if you look at our protagonist, so is he. His goal in life is to experience interesting things. Hedonism isn’t about enjoyment as much as it is about experiencing.

Trying to write about this show is interesting and hard, I don’t have a lot to say most of the time, because I have no idea where this show is going. Themes? Don’t make me laugh, how about we try to uncover what genre this show is in to begin with? Action, drama, comedy/slice of life? It’s got a bit of each and much of none, so I’m going to have to go with a meta-genre, which can encompass the aforementioned ones – shounen. This is a shounen show, so what if it’s not a combat-oriented show? It’s a boy-oriented show, and it’s interesting.

I definitely feel this is a show you should watch all in one go, to try and get to the bottom of its themes, but they might uncover them as we go. Thus far, my money is on family and love.

Furthermore, had a nice discussion on whether Benten is “mature”, here is the opening volley, and the whole thing can be read here.

Is Benten really mature? I’m not so sure. We hadn’t really seen much evidence to it thus far.

“Doing what you want” can be seen as mature, as a strength to resist what the outside world thinks of you, but being human we don’t really see true pressure on her, at least until we see what her situation with the Friday Fellows are.

Doing what you want can also be seen as a sign of childishness, of only caring for yourself not due to a philosophical standpoint, but due to an inability to imagine others, which is ex post facto rationalized as standing to the outside world when it’s simple selfishness.

I don’t think we’ve seen anything to show us that Benten is mature or immature yet, when discussing her personality. Playing with others and being sophisticated make for a good veneer of maturity, which is usually a hallmark of immaturity and insecurity.

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