Uchouten Kazoku Episode 13 Notes

September 28th, 2013.

Last episode I thought it’d go with a bang, and though things did go a-banging, and the rain did go a-flyin’, it was nothing compared to the palpable tension and dread with how the last episode ended – the Friday Fellows right next to the Nise-Emon meeting, and Yasaburou having to bring his mother, to the Molekh, though usually fathers bring their first-borns, rather than third-borns their mothers, as the ultimate sacrifice.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) And the last episode begins with the description of the city, with which the story had begun. But whereas that was the new day dawning, here we have the night, the curtains’ fall.

2) “I don’t mind as long as it’s interesting.” – while some might say that Benten is similar to Yasaburou, with the scene composition, she mirrors him – and in the mirror, everything is the other side around – I mean, she’s cool colours to his warm palette. He blends with the warm palette of the scene where she stands apart.

More than that, Yasaburou’s desire for the “interesting-fun” is that of the child, who’s excited with the never-ending wonders of life. Benten’s? She’s the old man’s desire, which wishes to find something to spark the ashes that are now their soul, now that they find nothing to be of interest, nothing to be flavourful.

Also consider the cigarette smoke – dulls the taste, and Yasaburou will have none of that sense-deadening and sickening scent (I just took a ride with someone who smoked with closed windows, and now I reek. Sue me :p)

3) The “Comedy” track playing as Hotei grabs mother and goes to the edge of the room. No one seems that concerned that a big-ass tiger is standing there at the edge of the room, or that a row of old men transformed into puddles of fur.

4) If you see a gun in the first act, and everyone fondles it and keeps saying how it can blow a man a hundred feet, or shoot a man from a thousand yards… you know they’re going to blow someone a hundred feet from a thousand yards when the movie is about to come to a close, right? That’s our sensei! The incarnation of indignant wrath!

Also, him getting back his fan is symbolic of his vigor, or rather, his temper, being back. He has a taste for life, yourlife, so you better watch out. Also see how the young tanuki have to run to keep up with the old man who could barely walk all series long.

5) Sometimes the lack of words hurts more than all the words you could utter; I really teared up when Yajiro couldn’t say anything. Reminds me of that scene in The Astronaut Returns Home, where they muted the mother crying as her son died, which made the scene that much more heart-rending.

6) A foolish one will think the professor wishes nothing upon Yasaburou, a wise one will know that there is no way in which he desires for Yasaburo to change, or anything he thinks Yasaburo desires (aside from experiencing everything).

7) Kaisei is so tiny – also, “I’ve never seen her.” – huh. Almost like some old-form betrothal, where he doesn’t get to see the bride until they get married.

8) Ha! I’m so good this season with telling what characters think, or the show’s themes! I say something, then the characters say it too. Feels good, I don’t mind telling you :)

This show was fun, I don’t feel the need to say anything much more besides that, it’ll just miss the point. I give it a very lofty 8.2 for the type of show it is.

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