Uchouten Kazoku Episode 12 Notes

September 22nd, 2013.

Well, spent the day in a sci-fi/fantasy/rpg convention, but I’m back, so let’s watch this episode :3

I think we all enter this episode, curious to know which Tanuki will be eaten, if any, and how will the rest of the tanuki feels about it. Time for the midnight ghost train to ride forth once more!

Thoughts and Notes:

Frog-brother, moving from outrage to helplessness in an instant – outrage is often a mark of being truly helpless to do anything about a situation, or you won’t waste time on the outrage, and do something about it.

This was exactly what I expected, lights and fireworks as the frog bursts from its cage once more. Heck, I might have even appreciated a full blown out shounen sequence dedicated to it.

Yajirou reminds me of Herbie from The Love Bug with his expression. Also, talk about drunk driving, heh.

“What is fun is good.” – dammit Yaichirou, you should watch more Gatchaman Crowds, or read some Mill – some people have fun by denying others fun :<

The idiot blood is ahold of Yajirou, you can’t get off this ride and there are no stops, so better buckle up, me beauties, arrrr!

Ok, that image of the train car framed by the moon, that was gorgeous. I’ll just use Bob’s image instead of take one myself.

I began snickering as soon as Yasaburou made that hare-brained plan – “Just blow the God of Thunder’s folding fan,a little bit,” and kept snickering all the way through.

That Jurojin, going to use their mother, AND take everything to where all the Tanuki are gathered.

Note to self – never come between Akadama-sensei and his alcohol, and never blow that fan within enclosed spaces. Really must write down notes on how to use it :P

And finally, because it’s so expected – talk about things coming to a boil.

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